Napola (film)

film data
of German titles: Napola - elite for the leader
original title: Napola - elite for the leader
production country: Germany
feature year: 2005
length (PAL - DVD): approx. 115 minutes
of source language: German
age release: FSK 12
direction: Dennis Gansel
film script: Dennis Gansel,
Maggie Peren
production: Molly of prince mountain,
Viola hunter,
Harald Kügler
music: Angelo Badalamenti
camera: Thorsten Breuer
cut: Yokes rescuer
  • max of Riemelt: Friedrich Weimer
  • Tom Schilling: Albrecht stone
  • Devid Striesow: Heinrich Vogler
  • Joachim bite Meier: Dr. Karl small
  • Justus of Dohnányi: Gau leader Heinrich stone
  • Michael give: Josef Peiner
  • Florian Stetter: Justus of Jaucher
  • Alexander hero: Friedrichs father
  • Sissy Höfferer: Friedrichs nut/mother
  • Jonas Jägermeyr: Christoph cutter
  • Leon A. Kersten: Tjaden
  • Thomas Drechsel: Yeast
  • Martin Goeres: Siegfried Gladen
  • Claudia Michelsen: Mrs. Stein/Albrechts nut/mother

Napola - elite for the leader is a German motion picture film from the year 2005, which covers the history of two different boys in a nationalpolitical educational establishment. Tom Schilling and max of Riemelt , direction play the main role led Dennis Gansel.


Germany in the year 1942. The Hitler regime is on the high point of its political and military power. The young Friedrich Weimer from Berlin Wedding is a very talented Boxer. Its talent remains also for the trackhounds of the government not for a long time hidden. It opens it the chance to advance at a nationalpolitical educational establishment its career and the worker quarter escape. He is to introduce himself in the Napola all stone. Friedrich regards this as large chance, but its parents are against its plans. In a night and nebula action it runs away from at home and start the service.

At the beginning of its there stay there everything is new and exciting. In this it to date strange world, in which National Socialist breed and order prevail, it experiences in addition, the hard competition. But also unexpected comrade shanks forms. A special relationship develops Friedrich here to the quiet and sensitive Albrecht, the son of a gau leader. But in the course of the time both Albrecht begin to analyze and Friedrich the sense of this training. Not without consequences. With an employment approximately allegedly armed, escaped Russian prisoners of war shoot the boys several refugees, still children - as turns out. Albrecht breaks by this event and by its father before a heavy choice is placed. The affair ends tragically for all involved ones.


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