a scar is

  • a fiber-rich spare fabric as final state of the Wundheilung, sees to scar (Wundheilung)
  • a means of the Klanzuordnung or a body decoration, sees to Skarifizierung
  • in transferred sense the psychological trace of a suffered injury
  • with bloom plants that part of the Fruchtknotens, which takes up bloom dust during fertilization, Scar (Botanik)
  • the closed coverage of the soil with grass, see as lawn scar, grass scar
  • with leather the hair side - the original skin surface, the smooth side - as well as in the special natural or artificially appropriate recesses on the same.

Designates scars

Wiktionary: Scar - word origin, synonyms and translations
this side is a term clarifying for the distinction of several terms named the same word.

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