of the Narmada with Jabalpur

the Narmada or Nerbudda (Hindi, f., नर्मदा, narmadā, [nʌɽmʌdɑː]) is one of the holy rivers of India. It flows from central India westward and flows into the Arab sea. Its length amounts to 1310 km.

The Narmada rises from the river course of the Narmada in wedges in the north of the Federal State Madhya Pradesh on the summit of the Amarkantak, winds themselves on first 320 km of its run between the hills of the Mandla Hochlandes , which form the beginning of the Satpuragebirges, flows with Jabalpur by marmorne rock (Bheraghat), which can be regarded beautifully, those, then by the valley formed by the Vindhya and Satpuragebirge in southwest direction. Those about 20 km long Trichtermündung is north of Surat in the gulf of Cambay because of the Arab sea.

The catchment area covers the northern slopes of the Satpura mountains, not however those of the Vindhya Hochlandes, whose waters flow into the rivers of course and Yamuna. The longest tributary is the Tawa. Together with the Vindhya mountains the Narmada forms a kind border between the northern India (in particular the course level) and the southern India (Dekkan). The river is used not only for the irrigation, but also for the navigation. In the rain times also larger ships in certain areas can drive on every now and then the river.

The Narmada is regarded after course as the holiest river of India. For this reason many Pilgerstätten are, for example Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh at its run. When particularly pious Wallfahrt applies, from the source to the delta and afterwards on the other river side back too pilgern. This Pilgerreise can take years up up to two.

In the underflow of the river a large dam with a hydro-electric power plant with 1.450 MW in the building since 1961, which belongs to the strongly disputed Sardar Sarovar Bewässerungsprojekt, is ( the Sardar Sarovar dam). Opponents of this project formed the movement Narmada Bachao Andolan (save those Narmada movement) under the guidance of Medha Patkar. Also the Indian authoress Arundhati Roy out-did as expressed Gegnerin of the project. In the year 1999 the requests of the movement were however disappointed by a judgement of the highest Court of Justice.

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