Nasir Jones

Nasir Jones (* 14. September 1973 in Long Iceland town center, Queens, New York), also Nasty Nas, Gods Son, Nas the Escobar, King OF New York, the golden Child, QB's Finast or simply only Nas mentioned, is an US-American RAP - musicians. Nas is both the abbreviation for its first name, and the contraction for “Nigga Against Society”.

Nas originates from New Yorker quarters the Queensbridge, from which also MC's originate such as Mobb Deep , Cormega and Noreaga. After the 8. Class schmiss Nas the school. Instead of instruction stood now drugs tick at the agenda. He understood fast that it from his life more make can, and began its problems to process concerns and the life in the Ghetto in Reime. It battelte on the road against other young RWSby, and arose later occasionally than MC in New Yorker clubs. Its father is a well-known jazz musician Olu Dara, with which he also in music for the Songs Life's A Bitch as well as AZ (album:Illmatic) and Bridging The Gap (album: Street's Disciple co-operated). Its nut/mother Ann Jones died to 7. April 2002. You dedicated the Song thanks ( album to Nas: God's Son). Its brother Jungle and its cousin Nashawn are good marriage kind active in the RWS's group.

Its 1994 published album Illmatic are a milestone of the Hip Hop. The straight only 18-Jährige boy from Queens makes with its debut album for heavyweights at that time such as Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G. and LL cool J competition. Its Mentor and master Large professor, who was involved by Illmatic beside Pete skirt and the legendary DJ Prime Minister in production, the Nas meant more so far with its first album would have reached, than it in its entire career. A large number of Eastcoast MCs oriented themselves after its masterpiece. 1995 were to be heard Nas on Mobb Deeps album The Infamous as guest RWSby with the Song Eye For A Eye (Your Beef Is mine). Its commercial success began however only with the second album It which Written, which contained the hit If I Ruled The World (a Duett with the singer Lauryn Hill).

Nas belongs to the family of the Lyricists, which pay attention very exactly in their texts to each individual word. Therefore it is called of many modern poet. Examples of it are songs such as One Love (album: Illmatic), in which it over problems from its direct surrounding field reported and which tries to encourage concerning, or as in One Mic and Got Ur Self A. (Album: Stillmatic), in which it tells about its love for the music and the positive influence, which its art has on it and its surrounding field, and thereby representiert itself as a fighter. 1998 one could regard Nas beside RWS musicians such as DMX and Method one in the film White LINEs on the canvas. 2001 he collected fresh thoughts and brought its fifth album out Stillmatic, where he changes told as he by the young and green Nasty Nas to the undisputed King OF New York. In the year following on it “God's Son” appeared, where he in some Songs the death of his nut/mother process, that was subject and died some months before to the cancer of the breast.

An important point in the career of Nas was the controversy with the likewise from New York coming RWSby Jay z. Both RWSby increased in the course of the argument to musical high form. Jigga made itself merry in its these TRACK “super Ugly” over Nas, on which Nas was long in coming not and with “Ether” answered. Controversy demonstrated wide-spread match thoughts in Hip Hop, with which conflicts, which are partly only representative put on to partly personal nature, are transformed into a musical and poetic art.

To 8. January 2005 married Nas the R'n'B artist Kelis in the closer friend and family circle. Nas and Kelis had themselves on an after Show party MTV video music Awards 2002 of P. Diddy know learned, and common songs such as Hey Nas or taken up to public. Nas has a small daughter named Destiny, which originates still from its first relationship with Carmen. Its best friend and former neighbour Willie “Ill want” Graham, were at the beginning of Nas DJ, to he to 23. May 1992 on open road was shot by an unknown. One hears in Nas its songs again and again which it its murdered friend tribute zollt. Nas tries to remain faithful for its roots, and often visits its old homeland Queensbridge. In its music he would like to present to the world New York. Its most well-known quotation „I more never sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin OF death “ (too German: „I never sleep, because sleep is the cousin of death. “) NY State OF Mind “originates and became among other things from the Song „ from The Game in the Song „Dreams “ quotes.

At the end of October 2005 Nas again with Jay z after a Beef continuing for many years had reconciled itself. That led to the fact that Nas including its created label “The Jones Experience” since that 22. January 2006 with Jay's label Def Jam under contract stands.


  • 1994: Illmatic # 12 US Platinum
  • 1996: It which written # 1 US 2x Platinum, # 38 UK
  • 1997: Nas, Foxy Brown, AZ, and Nature Present: The Firm # 1 US Platinum
  • 1999: I to. # 1 US 2x Platinum, # 31 UK
  • 1999: Nastradamus # 7 US Platinum
  • 2000: Nas and Ill wants record Present: QB's Finest # 53 US gold
  • 2001: Stillmatic # 5 US Platinum
  • 2001: From Illmatic ton of Stillmatic The Remixes
  • 2002: The draws to Tapes # 10 US
  • 2002: God's Son # 12 US Platinum, # 75 UK
  • 2004: 10 Year Anniversary Illmatic Platinum Series
  • 2004: Street's Disciple # 5 US Platinum, # 45 UK
  • 2006: N.A.S. (Emergency universe Surrender) planned for summers 2006


Year film/series of role
of 2005 Miracle's Boys Songwriter
2003 Murda Muzik actor
2003 Uptown Girls Nebenrolle
2002 Hip Hop VIP's actor
2001 Sacred Is the Flesh Nebenrolle
2001 Ticker Nebenrolle
2000 East Coast mix volume. 1 actor
1999 in Too Deep Nebenrolle
1998 Belly leading actor, Nebenautor

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