Nasrallah Pierre Sfeir

Mar Nasrallah Boutros (Pierre) cardinal Sfeir (Arab: نصراللهبطرسصفير Nasr Allāh Butrus Sufair; * 15. May 1920 in Reyfoun, Lebanon) is emeritierter Patriarch of the Maroniten Lebanon and cardinal of the Roman-catholic church. Its official title reads: Its blessedness the maronitische Patriarch of Antiochien and the whole east.


Nasrallah Pierre Sfeir studied the Priesterweihe after its school time from 1937 to 1950 in Gahzir and Beirut theology and philosophy and received in the year 1950. In the same year it beside a Seelsorgestelle also the task of the Diözesansekretärs was transferred from Damascus. In addition in the years 1951 to 1961 it informed the fan Arab philosophy and literature sciences to the Maristenschule in Jounieh, from 1956 to 1961 was personal secretary of the Maroniti Patriarchen.

it received the appointment as the Patriarchalen Generalvikar to 1961, one year later it to the bishop was geweiht. First he took over assisting tasks, before it became 1974 archbishop of Sidon. In the year 1980 Sfeir received the appointment to the advisor of the commission for the revision of the canonical right and to the mirror-image-ritual advisor of the Malteserordens. 1986 he was selected to the Patriarchen Lebanon and took up, as additional with maronitischen Patriarchen usually, the name Boutros (Petrus) in its names. In the year 1994 Pope Johannes Paul II. created it. to the cardinal.

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