Natural frequency

the term natural frequency is used in two meanings:

  1. The frequency of a chemical element (in the comparison with other elements), and
  2. the frequency of the isotopes of a chemical element (in the comparison with other isotopes of the same element).

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natural frequency of

elements the natural frequency

indicates the relative portion of a chemical element to interior of the earth of 1,2 elements . The word “naturally” expresses that only that is regarded humans accessible part of the earth. Thisconsists of atmosphere, biosphere, Hydrosphäre (main the sea) and Erdrinde (for instance upper 16 km of the earth's crust).

The most frequent elements are oxygen and silicon, the rarest are by-products of the natural radioactive decay chains such as astatine and francium.

Elements in the interior of the earth

the earth is differently compound in its inside than in its crust. Due to its liquid inside materials of high density sank downward, and materials of small density rose upward.

One assumes that, that in the interior of the earth (in particular in the earth core) ironand nickel in important portions are present.

elements in space

the most frequent elements in space are hydrogen and helium. These are the only elements, which developed briefly in considerable portions after the Big Bang. From them all different became by nuclear fusion in starsElements in an educated manner.

natural frequency of isotopes

the natural frequency of an isotope is, exactly as an element, on the regarded environment dependent. All isotopes of the elements result in space from processes in the star inside, and become then at the end of some star lives by Supernovaein space distributes. The chemical and isotopische composition of an object depends thus primarily on the composition of the raw material.

Apart from the composition of the raw material radioactive decay chains play a role: Isotopes of chemical elements are into one another converted by these, so that in the process of the timethe chemical and isotopische frequency to vary can.


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