Natalie Alison

Natalie Alison (* 13. June 1978 in Vienna, Austria) is a Austrian actress.

Already at the age of five years it seized the resolution to become late actress and dancer; for the decision a performance of the musical was decisiveCats “.

Apart from ballet, step, jazz thanks as well as piano, flute, violin, choir and singing it exercised different kinds of sport. After existed Abitur she attained a scholarship of the Projuvis donation. At the age of 18 years Natalie Alisons career led after Hollywood, where she made three years long training in the Actors Studio of Lee Strasberg. She gained first experiences in the Filmbranche then in various series and film productions; it participated mainly in student films of the University OF Southern California .

In the summer 1999 it went back to Austria, where it began a study at the University of Vienna. Apart from its study it stood for some television productions before the camera, in addition it engaged itself in the team that of musical „Joseph “and „Fame “.

The name Natalie Alison is an artist name, which it added itself in the USA.

In the autumn 2003 it was gecastet for the role of the Isabel Eggert, a 27-jährigen Viennese BWL student, in „property times bad times “. The role should carry first the name Nele, due to Natalies Austrian origin got it then for the name Isabel. Them are since consequence 2851 and/or. that 13. November 2003 in the daily RTL - to see evening series.

To 20. April 2006 had Natalie their last turning day with „property times, bad times “. It left the series on own desire after nearly three years.

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