Nathanael Ackerman

Nathanael (Nate) Leedom Ackerman (* 4. March 1978 in New York) is British - an American Freistilringer.

Ackerman as a son of the authoress Joanne Leedom Ackerman and the businessman Peter Ackerman was born. In the first Lebensjahr its family with it pulled to Los Angeles. 1990 it moved to London and locked there to the American School in London the school. There began to also struggle Ackerman.

1995 it took up a mathematics study to the Harvard University and locked it in June 2000 magna cum laude . Subsequently, it changed to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in order to attain its PhD in mathematics there.

Ackerman accepted 1998 beside the US-American also the British nationality. 1999 it started for the first time for Great Britain with the freestyle world championship in Ankara and became 16. It participated also in the world championships 2001, 2002, and 2003 as well as to the Commonwealth Games 2002 in Manchester . 2002 and 2004 he became British master in its weight class.

2004 participated Ackerman in Athens for the first time in olympic plays . There it already separated in the class up to 74 kilograms after two defeats against the Armenian Arayik Gevorgian and the later silver medal winner Gennadi Lalijew from Kazakhstan after the pool phase and occupied at the end rank 19.

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