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  • Amateur Hockey Association (1893-1898)< /li>
  • Canadian amateur Hockey League (1898-1905)< /li>
  • Eastern Canada amateur Hockey League (1905-1906)< /li>
  • Eastern Canada amateur Hockey Association (1906-1909)< /li>
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  • National Hockey Association (1909-1917)< /li>
  • National HockeyLeague (1917-jetzt)< /li>
  • National the Hockey League (NHL) (in the französischsprachigen part of Canada also “Ligue national de hockey” (LNH)) since 1917 existing ice hockey - the professional league is in North America.

    From that altogether 30 teams six in Canada and 24 are resident in the USA. ThoseSiegertrophäe for the season winner, who is determined after the regular season in Play offs (Best OF seven), is the Stanley Cup. Title carrier of the season 2003/2004 is the team of Tampa Bay Lightning. The Stanley Cup was donated 1892 of the governor general at that time of Canada, Lord Stanley, and is considered as hardest contested Sporttrophäe at all. The names of all participating players, coaches and managers of the winner crew of the final plays are engraved on the cup. In addition each player of the winner team may keep the cup for one day. The Stanley was originalCup a moving cup, which was out-played between the winners of several leagues. Since 1927 it is lent exclusively to the winner of the NHL.

    The NHL is very closely interlocked with the AHL and the ECHL, then the teams are connected with crews of these leagues (Farm team). Many players, who were pulled by the entry draft into the NHL, play first in the AHL over in such a way play practice and experience to collect. The entry is draft into the NHL usual meeting, with that itself the clubs the rights at new generation playersto secure can. This mechanism is to serve to distribute recent talents as evenly as possible on the teams.

    Wayne Gretzky

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    history of the NHL

    to 22. The responsible persons of the Canadiens de Montréal , Montreal of Wanderers, Ottawa of senator and created the Quebec Bulldogs met November 1917 and the NHL. As a fifth team those closed Toronto Arenas (the later Maple Leafs) on. As Québec for the time being against a participation in the play enterprise decided the players of the Bulldogs on the other teams were divided. To 19. December 1917 was set the first play day. Only Toronto had an art ice surface. Until 1924 those playsLeague with three to four teams from the east of Canada. The league increases then with the exception of seven teams. Among them with the bad clay/tone Bruins, the New York Americans and the Pittsburgh Pirates also three teams from the USA.

    1926 grew the NHL alsothe new teams New York Ranger, Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Cougars (late Falcons, starting from 32-33 talk Wings) on 10 teams on. From now on the Stanley Cup is only out-played under the NHL team. The team from Toronto, that temporarily pc. Patrick was calledby some investors to Toronto one transferred to turn away over a threatening sales to Philadelphia and to Maple Leafs renamed. Starting from 1931 again and again isolates a team gave up.

    And still the New York/Brooklyn Americans because of disputes around ice age in the Madison Square guards 1943began the time the original Six gave up with six teams, which give it until today. The NHL played the bad clay/tone with Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit talks Wings, the New York Ranger, the Canadiens de Montréal and the Toronto MapleLeafs for 25 years in unchanged occupation.

    Into the season 1967 the NHL with 6 new teams started. While „the original Six “- teams in the East division played came in the west division beside Los Angeles the Kings , existing this very day , Philadelphia of Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins and pc. Louis Blues still the Minnesota North of star and the Oakland Seals in addition. 4 years later were added also still the Buffalo Sabres and the Vancouver Canucks . Both teams were in-grouped into the east. But Chicago Blackhawks went into the EastDivision. The Oakland Seals designated itself in California golden Seals over. Still 2 years later pushed the Atlanta Flames and than second team in New York the Islanders to the league. Likewise 1972 get the NHL competition by the again created WHA. 1974 won alsothe Philadelphia of Flyers for the first time one of the new teams the Stanley Cup. In the following season now the new teams of the Kansas participated town center Scouts and the Washington Capitals. The league was division divided into 2 Conferences with ever 2. Already afterThe team pulled to 2 years from Kansas town center after Denver and plays there in the future as Colorado Rockies. The other removal was from shorter duration. From the California Seals the Cleveland of baron became for two years. Afterwards the team with the Minnesota North becameStar folded up. The WHA had to stop your play enterprise and 4 WHA teams, the Edmonton Oilers, the hard Fords Whalers, the Nordiques de Québec and the Winnipeg jet, followed the NHL .

    One year after the WHA team into the league had come, pulledthe southeasternmost team of the NHL the Atlanta Flames after Calgary. The Colorado Rockies drew a further year later into the region New York and played beyond the Hudson Rivers than new jersey Devils. Starting from 1984 played there with Uli Hiemer the first worth mentioningGerman in the NHL. With Denis Potvin and Mike Bossy dominated as a team the New York Islanders the first half of the 80's and won four times the Stanley Cup. But with its occurrence in the NHL turned everything only Wayne Gretzky. To beginning of the 90's it dominated the good lists as desired. Only Mario Lemieux succeeded to collect it twice more points than Gretzky. With its Edmonton Oilers won Gretzky from 1984 to 1988 four Stanley Cups, before Mario Lemieux as the secondSuperstar of the league at the beginning of the 90's the Cup twice after Pittsburgh got. 1991 came the San Jose Sharks as 22tes team into the NHL.

    Again the NHL had a larger extension before itself. 1992 got the Canadian capital NHL team. How58 years before the team Ottawa of senator is called. With the Tampa Bay Lightning got Florida its first NHL team. They received one year after in Miami support from the Florida Panthers. Additionally rolls Disney Corp based. with the Anaheim Mighty Duckssecond team in Los Angeles. One year later threatened to fail the season because of a player strike. One agreed only after the turn of the year and played starting from January a shortened season. Afterwards year by year one moved the former WHA - teams. Those made the beginning Nordiques de Québec. They pulled after Denver and became the Colorado Avalanche. The Winnipeg jet followed, in the sunny Arizona pulled as Phoenix Coyotes to play over there. After from the hard Fords Whalers Carolina Hurricanes became, 18 years remained afterthe dissolution of the WHA only the Edmonton Oilers of that once four teams over. With the Nashville Predators got the NHL 1998 its 27stes team. 1999 honoured the league with Wayne Gretzky their largest player, in whom Gretzkys became closed famous back number 99. InFuture can be assigned therefore the number 99 to no more player. As the further new acquisition the Atlanta Thrashers came 1999 into the NHL. Their present strength of 30 teams reached the NHL then 2000 with the Minnesota game and the Columbus Blue Jackets. ThoseSeason 2004/2005 fell again a player strike to the victim.

    famous players

    Patrick Roy

    Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy, Dominik Hasek, Curtis Joseph, Mike judge, Terry Sawchuck

    Ray Bourque, Paul Coffey, Ed Jovanovski, pitchread eyelid-flows, Scott Niedermayer, Bobby Orr, aluminium MacInnis, Larry Murphy, Chris Chelios, Denis Potvin, Larry Robinson, Brian Leetch, Bobby cladding, Scott of Stevens

    Peter Bondra, Mike Bossy, Pavel Bure, Marcel Dionne, Phil Esposito, Sergei Fedorov, Peter Forsberg, Wayne Gretzky, Dany Heatley, Gordie Howe, Bobby cladding, board cladding, Jarome Iginla, Jaromír Jágr, Paul Kariya, Ilya Kovalchuk, Vincent Lecavalier, Igor Larionow, Mario Lemieux, Eric Lindros, Mark of Messier, Stan Mikita, Mike Modano, Rick Nash, Žigmund Pálffy, Luc Robitaille, Jeremy Roenick, Joe Sakic, Brendan Shanahan, Teemu Selänne, Martin pc. Louis, Mats Sundin, Joe Thornton, Alexei Yashin, Steve Yzerman, Pavel Datsyuk, Maurice smelling pool of broadcasting corporations, Brad Richards, Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin


    Stanley Cup
    Mario Lemieux

    most important Trophäe thatNHL is the Stanley Cup for the team, which wins the season. Past winners see below. Stanley Cup.

    Further Trophäen, which is assigned annually in each case, is:

    The O'Brien Trophy was lent until 1950 at the Stanley Cup Finalisten.


    the 30 teams of the NHL are in two Conferences too everthree divisions divided. The allocation of the individual divisions looks as follows:

    Eastern Conference

    Atlantic division:

    Northeast division:

    Southeast division:

    Western Conference

    cent ral division:

    Northwest division:

    Pacific division:

    president/assigned the NHL

    • franc Calder (1917 - 1943) president
    • talks Dutton (1943 1946) president
    • Clarence Campbell (1946 1977) president
    • John Ziegler (1977 1992) president
    • Gil stone (1992 1993) president
    • Gary Bettman (1993-heute) representative

    most frequent meetings in the Play Offs

    conditions after end of the season 2003/2004 In parentheses number of Play off series

    1. Canadiens deMontréal - bad clay/tone Bruins (30)
    2. Toronto Maple Leafs - Detroit talk Wings (23)
    3. Canadiens de Montréal - Chicago Blackhawks (17)
    4. Canadiens de Montréal - Toronto Maple Leafs (15)
    5. Chicago Blackhawks - Detroit talk Wings (14)
    6. Canadiens de Montréal - New York Ranger (14)
    7. Toronto MapleLeafs - bad clay/tone Bruins (13)
    8. Dallas of star - pc. Louis Blues (12)
    9. Detroit talk Wings - Canadiens de Montréal (12)
    10. Chicago Blackhawks - pc. Louis Blues (10)
    11. Philadelphia of Flyers - New York of Ranger (10)
    12. bad clay/tone Bruins - New York Ranger (9)
    13. Toronto Maple Leafs -Chicago Blackhawks (9)
    14. Dallas of star - Edmonton Oilers (8)
    15. New York Islanders - New York Ranger (8)


    one play time in the NHL is into “regularly the Season “and” Play offs “partitioned. In that regularly Season has everyoneTeam of 82 plays. A team plays eight times against teams from the same division, four times against teams from the same Conference, as well as in each case times at home against the teams from the season ago a selected division of the other Conference and in each case times outward against the teams of a further division of the other Conference. This mode is introduced for the first time in the season 2005/2006. To arrange more interesting it thereby aims at the plays for the spectators due to the still more frequent Derbys with ore rivals and thoseTo reduce travel expenses for the teams. A further change, which is to increase the attractiveness of the play and likewise starting from the season 2005/2006 seizes, is the introduction “shootouts”. If a play “regularly of the Season “ends undecided, then follows like already in preceded the play timesa 5-minütige extension, the so-called. “Overtime “. Is played here 4 against 4 and after the mode “Sudden Death “, the first gate decides thus the play. Even if the play is not yet decided at expiration of the “Overtime “, a Penaltyschiessen follows,the so-called. “shootout “. Each crew has thereby first 3 contactors. If it should after its attempts still untentschieden to stand, decision takes place in the K.O. - System (similar that of the penalty shootout with the football). Each play has thus a winner and a loser, however with oneDefeat after “Overtime “and/or. “one remunerates shootout “with one point.

    If all teams denied their plays, the tables of the two Conferences become, thus the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference, separately computes. 3 the respective division winners becomes on thosefirst 3 places of the table set. According to these two tables the meetings of the Playoffs are specified. The plays read place 1 - place 8, place 2 - place 7, place 3 - place 6 and place 4 - place 5, whereby always the team, thatin that regularly Season the better placement to exhibit knew, first home right has. In the mode Best OF Seven is played. The east and the west play here their winners out, who play against each other around the Stanley Cup. In the Stanley Cup - Finals has thatTeam home right, which in that Season had regularly gotten most points.

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