National park service

that national park service (NPS) is a national authority in the United States of America, whose task is the administration the national park in the USA. You are incumbent on the responsibility for over 380 public areas with cultural, historical or landschaftlich outstanding meaning.

Beside over 50 of national park further real estate properties belong such as Nationalmonumente, historical parks, memorial places, recreation areas, rivers and coast regions to the management national to park of the service, which take together a surface of over 83 million acre (336,000 km ²).

The largest park is Wrangell sp. - Elias national park in Alaska, which constitutes with 13.2 million acres (53,000 km ²) of 16% of the surface administered by NPS. The smallest park is national with approximately 80 square meters the Thaddeus Kosciuszko Memorial in Pennsylvania.

history and tasks

as department of the US ministry of the Interior became that national park service to 25. August 1916 of US-President Woodrow Wilson based. The tasks national park of the service consist of making the administered places of the public accessible and receiving the natural landscape and animal world and historical monuments for future generations.

This thought was converted first 1872 with the opening of the Yellowstone national park. Not the nature protection was originally the center of attention to create but the task nature-left parks for recovery and for the pleasure of the population. In the last decades protection thought stood also the advanced training of the visitors in the foreground apart from.

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