National anthem

a national anthem is a music piece, which is to express the state and national feeling of a country. Usually it is played to solemn causes, as for example with state receptions, in addition, with winner honours, as for example with the olympic plays.

MostCountries have 19 since at the beginning. Century develops such national anthems. The oldest of the world is the NetherlandsHet Wilhelmus “, whose text was already written from 1568 to 1572 and which is old thus over 400 years. Predominantlyhave these both melody and text, some without text are played, and. A. in Spain (Marcha material). When ringing out the national anthem there are different customs. In some countries humans rise. With suitable causes becomesthe national anthem along. With a change of the society system often also the national anthem is changed.

The German national anthem carries the title „for agreement and right and liberty “. Some states order also over several national hymns, from those only onenational anthem is official, which others are partly likewise played however in the public the same strong symbol strength to possess and with official causes. Example for this is Great Britain, where itself apart from the national anthem „God save the Queen “also the hymns„Rule Britannia “and „country OF Hope and Glory “established; or the USA, where apart from the national anthem ever more frequently „God Bless America is sung “. In Iran the unofficial national anthem Ey Iran is more well-known as the official. Itby these simmering ducks and Patrioten one plays.

The hymn of the Republic of Austria is called (to the distinction of the respective Landeshymnen) usually Bundeshymne.

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