National park Berchtesgaden

the national park Berchtesgaden became at the 1. August 1978 based. It lies in the southeast of Germany in the Free State of Bavaria and borders on the Austrian Land of the Federal Republic Salzburg . It covers the area of the former protected area king lake plus an extension surface of scarcely 10 km ², from which itself a total area of approx. 210 km ² results in. The national park was proven 1990 by the UNESCO as biosphere reservation.

Karsterscheinungen prägen das Landschaftsbild im Steinernen Meer
Karst formations coin/shape the landscape in the stone sea

the area of the national park lie predominantly in the municipalities RAM sow and Schönau A. K. North to the national park that follows approximately 250 km ² large national park apron, which covers Berchtesgaden, bishop meadows and market clip mountain beside the national park municipalities RAM sow and Schönau at the king lake also.

Within the national park the Watzmann is to be found, the fourth-highest summit of Germany. The moreover one the 1874 meters high Jenner, which can be attained also with a car course. The Jennergebiet is left blank with the national park due to a skiing area and the car course. Particularly to mention still the Wimbachgries , a geological characteristic, is which resulted from the collapse of a Gewölbes over Watzmann and high-cold. It consists of one up to 300 meters thickens debris deposit, which extends over a length of 10 kilometers. The Funtensee, a mountain lake on in the winter regularly the lowest temperatures Germany to be based completely, is likewise on the area national park of the Berchtesgaden.

Watzmann vom Obersee her
Watzmann from the upper lake

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animal species

to the animal species occurring in the national park Berchtesgaden belong to alpine marble animal, stone eagle, Haselhuhn, Birkhuhn, Auerhuhn, Alpensalamander, alpine comb scrapper-cleaning, Alpendohle, snow mouse, alpine forest mouse, Gämse, Hochalpenapollo, alpine support, snow hare, alpine snow chicken, wall runner, Königssee Saibling, Seeforellen, goose vulture and Steinbock, whereby the latter was made domestic only in the 30's.

Touristi use

Wimbachgries between Watzmann and high-cold, in the background the Palfelhorn, seen from the brine routing

in the national park existing way and Steige (together approx. 230 km) make a multiplicity possible of different mountain tours. By the national park administration led migrations for adults and special migrations for children take place. On the king lake passenger boats operate with electric drive in the season.


to the “plant already district Berchtesgadener alps” led history the efforts of the “association to the protection and for the care of the alpine plants” around classification of a protected area. It was approximately 83 km ² largely and covered the southern part of the king lake, the upper lake as well as the surrounding mountain massifs. During the First World War plans emerged, into the Falkensteiner wall at the king lake a Bavarian lion as “war memorial” in chisels. This led to violent protest and. A. federation nature protection, which reached that 1921 the establishment of the “protected area king lake” took place. It included the king lake, the high Göll, the Bavarian Hagengebirge, the Bavarian portion of the stone sea, the Watzmann, that high-cold and the south part of the Bavarian Reiteralm . After long discussions became finally at the 1. August 1978 the “national park Berchtesgaden” based. The condition for it the local municipalities made the line of the national park by the land advice of the district Berchtesgadener country. Against the resolution of the district this was now waived. As replacement excluding advisory planned local national park adviser of land advice and national park municipalities as also too few powers equipped one criticizes. In the discussion also the extension of the core zone of the national park stands into the range centuries of old culture landscapes with almwirtschaftlicher use and old mountain hotels like the historical Wimbachschloss. Increasing criticism harvests also the financial provision clearly worse opposite the national park Bavarian forest. On the occasion of the 25-Jahre-Jubiläums of the national park by the Bavarian state government the establishment of a house of the mountains was assured. While the mayors of the 5 national park and national park apron municipalities for it a change deficit eras of the nursing center suggested preferred specialists and the local boy union a house of the mountains directly at a national park entrance as at the Hintersee. The state government decided finally for the Berchtesgadener yard empty-standing since the departure of the Americans in Berchtesgaden.

View of Trischübel of the Wimbachgries

address of the national park administration

the national park administration can be attained under the following address:
National park administration Berchtesgaden
doctor mountain 6
D-83471 Berchtesgaden
Tel: 08652/96860

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