National park Danube Auen

building of beavers
Die Donau-Auen bei Hainburg
the Danube Auen with shark castle
Ein Altarm der Donau-Auen bei Schönau
an ox-bow of the Danube Auen with Schönau
spring flood between Schönau and Orth/D.

The 9,300 hectars large national park Danube Auen in Vienna and Lower Austria forms one the largest, to a large extent intact Aulandschaften Central Europe along the Danube. It extends from Vienna to the delta of the March at the state border to the Slowakei, has a length of 38 kilometers and hardly measures at its broadest place 4 kilometers.

The national park exists large Enzersdorf , Orth at the Danube , sow of kind of hitting a corner, Engelhartstetten, shark castle , bath German old person castle, Petronell Carnuntum , Regelsbrunn , Haslau Maria Ellend, Fischamend and Schwechat since 1996 as national park of the IUCN category II and covers the municipalities Vienna ( Lobau ) .

By the national park the far moving way 07 and the Danube cycle track lead.

Since 1983 are the area already RAM-bad-offered

a Flora and fauna

in the protected area are more as 700 kinds of higher plants, more than 30 mammal - and 100 kinds of breeding bird, 8 reptiles - and 13 kinds of amphibian as well as approximately 60 fish types.

emergence of the national park

in 19. Century was the Danube a unregulierter river. Off then humans began to change the ecosystem of this river landscape by extensive adjustments drastically. Since that time many branches were abgedämmt and were flowed through only more with floods from the Danube. Further substantial interferences followed by the forest-economical use for many decades in far parts of the Auwälder. In the 50's the development of an almost complete chain of run hydro-electric power plants in the Austrian part of the Danube (Austrian Danube power stations) began.

In the year 1984 shark castle the destruction of the last freely flowing Danube section threatened with its Auwäldern with the planned building of the power station. Call all nature and environmental protection combinations caused country-wide protests. When the operators of the power station project did not give in and wanted the building to begin, it came to a forceless occupation of the shark citizens outer ones by thousands humans from all age and occupational groups. After several unsuccessful clearing attempts by police units in December 1984, by the Federal Government a thinking break was ordered. Extensive scientific investigations were employed and surprising discoveries were made. So could be determined in the Danube far more fish types than to the time of the power station plannings admits was.

The most important result of these studies was that the Donauauen is national park worthy in and east of Vienna. It was also stated that a power station is not compatible with a national park. To 27. October 1996 was it then so far, between the Republic of Austria and the Lands of the Federal Republic Vienna and Lower Austria a convention was signed. The national park Danube Auen was officially open thereby.

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coordinates: 48° 12 ' - 48° 10 ' N, 16° 29 ' -16° 58 ' O


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