National language

the national languages or national languages of a state is one or is several languages with privileged official status, spoken of the state-basic people. Most states, in particular national states such as France or Italy, have only one national language. Besides often exist minority languages, which are spoken of the ethnical or national minorities. National language and office language can be not congruent, do not have however. So for example many African States of French or English have several other national languages as office language, however.

With respect to Switzerland long time was differentiated with respect to the condition between office and national languages. Thus there were only three office languages (D, F and I) from 1938 to 1999 four national languages (German, French, Italian and RA-gate-Omani), however. Only since the condition revision of 1999 is RA gate Omani for native speakers likewise Swiss federal office language.

In Singapore Malaiisch is lifted as national language still over the further (and partial more frequently spoken) office languages English , Chinese and Tamil.

National and minority languages as well as further languages, which developed likewise historically from the linguistic usage of a Ethnie, are summarized generalizing under the term Ethnosprachen.

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