National theatre Mannheim

national theatre Mannheim

the national theatre Mannheim is a four-section theatre in Mannheim with own ensembles for concert hall (opera, Operette, musical), play, ballet and child and youth theatre.

As a successor of Ulrich Schwab is since the 226. Play time 2005/2006 Regula Gerber Generalintendantin of the house.


the first building of the national theatre developed for that in Mannheim on suggestion of the cure prince Karl Theodor the change of the kurfürstlichen grain memory under line of the building master Lorenzo Quaglio arranged. In the spring of the yearly 1777 the play enterprise and Theobald Mark hand began took over the line. In the year following on it Wolfgang Heribert baron von Dalberg was entrusted with the line of the national theatre, the cure prince let which exist as reconciliation for the way course of the yard to Munich in Mannheim.

It is particularly remarkable that Friedrich Schillers drama the robbers was uraufgeführt 1782 in presence of the poet and August William Iffland, which was successful already since 1779 as actors at the national theatre from 1792 to 1796 direction led.

As consequence of a controversy over the financing of the theatre between state and the city Mannheim handed over a ministerial order of 16. April 1839 the responsibility for the theatre to the city, with which it became the first local theatre in Germany.

During a conception Carl Maria von Webers that free contactor became to 5. September 1943 Mannheim by the Royal air Force bombards. Thereby large parts of the city and also the national theatre were destroyed.

After the war one pulled provisionally into the looking castle. On the occasion of the 175-jährigen of anniversary the Schillerpreis of the city Mannheim was donated.

1953 were accomplished an architectural competition for a new theatre, which a draft of Ludwig bad won van the raw one. This draft, which was not implemented, is also today still considered as a classical author to modern theatre architecture.

Instead 1955-1957 a new theatre building were built at the Goethe place (thus not in the place of the destroyed national theatre) after the plans of the architect Gerhard weber, the one large house (opera house, approx. 1,200 places) and a small house (Schauspielhaus, approx. 800 places with variable seat order) accommodates, which divide a common entrance hall.

1957 were inaugurated the new building by conceptions of weber that, taking place at the same time , free contactor in the opera house and Schillers the robbers in the small house.

1979 were created the child and youth theatre Schnawwl with own ensemble. It has its main play place in the converted „old person fire station “in the Mannheimer Neckarstadt.


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