Native COMMANDs Queuing

native COMMANDs Queuing (NCQ, literally translated: native instruction queue) is a technology for non removable disks, which the speed improves. It possible made that several inquiries are set off at the same time to the non removable disk and these then decide, too only it processes which inquiry it. So the throughput can be improved by the avoidance of unnecessary head movements. The drive assembly, the CONTROLLER and the driver must support COMMAND Queuing, in order to use it.

Native COMMANDs Queuing 2003 were introduced by Seagate for SATA - drive assemblies. Apart from small differences it is similar to the Tagged COMMAND Queuing (TCQ), which is supported since beginning of the 90's by SCSI - drive assemblies. With ATA - Drive assemblies uncommonly, TCQ was however not used here only by IBM in the year 2002 introduced (IBM Deskstar 180GXP), for lack of support by the CONTROLLER - side.

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