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a protected area is after Central European view a strictly protected area for the preservation of ecological systems.

This contains the protection of planting as also from animal species. As protected areas surfaces can be also proven, if them from scientific or, as well as because of its rarity or special beauty are protect worth to nature-historical reasons. This can be among other things biotopes , moorland landscapes , heath surfaces (see also heath herb plants), mountain landscapes or forests.

In protected areas the agricultural use is, entering ways apart ofpublicly mostly forbids marked like also a kindling of fire.

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Germany the protected area to thatPossibilities of the area-referred nature protection, which the federal nature protection law (BNatSchG) makes available.

In §23 of the BNatSchG specified that protected areas are to serve the special protection of nature and landscape it should be restored and biotopes of wildly living kinds existing there receive, developed and.As protected areas surfaces can be also proven, if they are protect worth because of their rarity or special beauty for scientific or nature-historical reasons, as well as.

Protected areas became in the old Lands of the Federal Republic by the shown green sign with the eagle, in the newLands of the Federal Republic and/or. in the GDR marked by the following yellow sign by the owl. The sign with the owl applies in the meantime in entire Germany. The sign with the owl was invented by briefly Kretschmann from bath free forest.

In protected areas are all actions forbade, which can lead to a destruction, a damage or a change of the protected area in parts or generally speaking. It applies an absolute change prohibition in such a way specified. They are in principle not accessible for protection reasons, if it can the protection purpose however made possiblethe public an entrance to be made possible. In all other respects the interference balance regulation of the federal nature protection law book applies to each structural or other project.

Protected areas are to be considered during the building zoning plan and must in development plans be represented and considered. One speaks here of one information assumption. They are obligatory and can be overcome not due to a superordinate common weal in the consideration.

Schild Naturschutzgebiet

An example of 14. April 2003 for an appropriate regulation gives it for the protected area upper pepper-flows, to Brandenburg, herethe “protection purpose” of the area is shown in detail.

1995 insisted in Germany of 5,314 protected areas on a surface of 6.845 km 2, the largest surfaces fall thereby on Bavaria at 1.416 km 2 and Lower Saxony at 1.275 km 2. ThoseNumber of the protected areas continued to grow since then.

Beside the protected area the federal nature protection law knows further protection possibilities, which are more or less rigide and different purposes have:

legal bases in Switzerland

the legal framework for protected areas becomes on federal stage by the Federal law over thatPreservation of regional tradition and nature (NHG) of the 1. July 1966 given. In this law the term protected area is however not explicitly mentioned or defined. In the this law it means among other things:

  • (Kind 1) this law has for the purpose,…
  • (Kind 1.a) the nativeLandscape and local picture to preserve the historical places as well as the nature and cultural monuments of the country to protect as well as its preservation and care to promote; …
  • (Kind 1.d) the native animal and plant world as well as its biological variety and its natural habitat tooprotect; …
  • (Kind 13,1) the federation can support nature protection, preservation of regional tradition and care of monuments, by it to the costs of preservation, the acquisition, the care, research and documentation of protect-worth landscapes, local pictures, historical places or nature and cultural monuments of contributions up to at the most 35 per centgranted…
  • (Kind 13,3) the arranged protection and maintenance measures form public restrictions on title (kind. 702 ZGB37). They obligate the respective property owner and are on registration of the canton in the land register to mark…
Schild Naturschutzgebiet

From these remarks it can be derived that national protected areas the areas alsopublic restrictions on title for the receipt of the native animal and plant world, which biological variety and their natural habitat represent.

Many protect-worth areas and biotope are so far however not occupied with such public restrictions on title. These areas are specified in inventories. Inventory areas designate underother Hochmoore, transition moorlands, Flachmoore, Amphibienlaichgebiete, Auen, dry meadows and drying pastures, etc. or whole natural landscapes (moorland landscapes, Auenlandschaften) and classify these by certain criteria in national, kantonal, regionally or locally meaning objects. Inventories are i.d.R. authority-obligatorily.

Besides there is also still another multiplicity of non-governmental protected areas. These are usually areas, in which private nature protection organizations acquire and as owners retain country for the protection of nature. So e.g. is. Per Natura in the wholeSwitzerland over 600 protected areas takes part on.

Protected areas are usually marked in entire Switzerland with the symbol of the owl. Under this symbol national to locally meaning publicly protected areas as well as the protected areas by ProNatura are beschildert. Thus is the greenOwl symbol become the Switzerland far well-known common characteristic for protected areas of all kinds.

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