the panorama of Neapel with Vesuv

State of Italy
region Kampanien
province Neapel (WELL)
geographical location of 40° 50 ' N 14° 15 ' O
height of 17 m and. NN
surface 117 km ²
inhabitant 1.008.419 (2004)
population density 8,486 Einwohner/km ²
postal zip code 80100
preselection 081
ISTAT - Code 063049
name of the inhabitants napoletani
protection patron San gene aero
Website comune.napoli

Neapel (v. griech. nea polis = new city; ital. Napoli) is to Rome and Milan the third biggest city of Italy and the largest city in South Italies. Itthe capital of the region is Kampanien. The city has about 1 million inhabitant (the dark number of the not registered persons is very high), together with the suburbs exhibits it as dye about 4.4 million inhabitant. It rests uponhalf way between Vesuv and another volcanic area, the Campi Flegrei (Phlegräi fields) at the gulf of Neapel. The city has an international airport (Capodichino) and a large sea port.

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the city probably Cumae became approximately in 8 by inhabitants of the Greek colony. Century v. Chr. based, some kilometers of the antique City Partenope removes. From this reason it became Neapolis (griech. new city) mentioned. In the buildings, museums and also in the language are to be found to today traces of all periods of history.

Neapel has to show numerous Katakomben: Thosemost famous is those there of the San gene aero holy Januarius mentioned, whose miracle of the liquefying dried alleged blood excites also today still attention, doubted by chemists however and/or. naturally one explains. The Reliquie, the glass container with the allegedBlood, is kept in the cathedral by Neapel. The blood miracle can do one on the first May weekend and to 19. Attend Septembers.

Castel Sant'Elmo admission of Giorgio summer (1834-1891)

in the fortress Castel dell'Ovo became Romulus Augustulus, the last emperor of the Roman realm eingekerkert, after it had been set off 476. In 6. Century Neapel occupied by the Byzantinern in the context

of the Neapel in the evening
of attempt of Justinian to establish the Roman realm again. In the year 1039 Neapel fell inthe hand of the Normannen and became a component of the kingdom of Sicilies.

1224 created Friedrich II. of high baptism the university of Neapel. 1266 became Neapel and the Kingdom of Sicily of the Pope at Karl I. from Anjou hand over, to that the capitalfrom Palermo to Neapel shifted. 1284 the kingdom isolated into two parts, which raised both the requirement , kingdom by Sicilies to be called. The two parts remained separate up to the year 1816, where them for the “kingdom of bothSicilies were combined “.

In 17. Century was Neapel with approximately 300,000 inhabitants to of Paris second largest city of Europe. In October 1860 with a Plebiszit the end of the Kingdom of Sicily was proclaimed and the establishment of the State of Italy was decided.

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from Neapel comes the widespread Neapolitani people music.

partnerships between cities

Neapel maintains with the following cities partnerships.

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to characteristics lane in
  • Neapel Neapel as the place of origin of the Pizza. The oldest Pizzeria existed since 1830 and is called Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba.
  • For centuries the city is famous for the precious Neapolitani Weihnachtskrippen, for their traditional productionit still its own lane with workshops in the old part of town gives (San Gregorio Armeno).
  • As at many places of south Italy a mafia exists - well-behaved organization named Camorra, those for black market and road criminality responsible made also in Neapelbecomes. Different families are lately strengthened involved into gang wars with many victims in this connection.
  • In Neapel a specific neapolitanischer dialect is spoken.
  • Among the most famous Neapolitanern Giambattista Vico, Carlo Gesualdo and Enrico Caruso rank.
  • With the most well-known football - club Neapels, the SSC Napoli, played Diego Maradona.
  • It is remarkable that Neapel does not possess clear city center, but only small centers (the station, Dante place, the national museum).

sons and daughters of the city

Neapel und Vesuv
Gasse in der Altstadt Neapels, Blick auf die Kuppel der Galleria Umberto
Gasse in der Altstadt Neapels, Blick auf die Kuppel der Galleria Umberto
Blick über Neapel
Blick über Neapel


  • Dieter judge: Neapel - biography of a city. Publishing house Klaus car brook, Berlin 2005. ISBN 380312509x

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coordinates: 40° 50 ' N, 14° 15 ' O


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