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Wappen des Neckar-Odenwald-Kreises Lage des Neckar-Odenwald-Kreises in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Baden-Wuerttemberg
governmental district: Karlsruhe
region: Rhine Neckar
administrative seat: MOS brook
surface: 1.126, 31 km ²
inhabitants: 150.981 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 134 inhabitants for each km ²
Kfz characteristics: MOS
circle key: 08 2 25
Circle arrangement: 27 municipalities
address of the district administration: Renzstrasse 10
74821 MOS brook
Website: neckar odenwald
E-Mail address:
land advice: Dr. Achim Brötel

the Neckar Odenwald circle is a district in Baden-Wuerttemberg. It lies in the north of the country (more north only still that liesMain deaf circle) and belongs to the region Rhine Neckar in the governmental district Karlsruhe. In the north it forms the national border to Hessen with the there desert forest circle as well as to Bavaria with the district spleen mountain, in the east borders it to the Main deaf circle of Baden-Wuerttemberg, inSoutheast at the Hohenlohekreis, in the south to the district Heilbronn and in the west to the Rhine-Neckar-region.

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work on

] geography the Neckar Odenwald circle - as the name already says - because of the desert forest, its highest collection, the cat embossment (626 m) at the western Kreisgrenze is (municipality Waldbrunn) and at the Neckar, the western circle area of Heilbronn coming northward flows through and after leaving the circle area to the west toward Heidelberg/Mannheim bends briefly over in Mannheim into the Rhine to flow.


the Neckar Odenwald circle resulted from those Circle reform in Baden-Wuerttemberg to the 1. January 1973. At that time most municipalities of the old circles beeches and MOS brook were combined first under the name “desert forest circle”. Some municipalities of the two old circles came also to the neighbour circles Heilbronn, Hohenlohekreis, Main-Tauber-Kreis and Rhine-Neckar-region. Since there in Hessen a desert forest circle is likewise (seat in hereditaryoh) it 1974 in “Neckar Odenwald circle” was renamed. The old circles beeches (desert forest) and MOS brook go back on the offices for district formerly of Baden, which change in the course of history several timesand 1936/39 into districts were transferred. By the circle reform the city MOS brook could win the circle seat of the new district for itself. Beeches (desert forest) only the second largest city of the new circle remained. This covers 27 after conclusion of the municipality reform stillMunicipalities, among them 6 cities and of it again 1 “large district town “(MOS brook). Largest city is MOS brook, smallest municipality is ferrule mountain.

inhabitant development

the numbers of inhabitants are census results (¹) or official updating of the statistic national office Baden-Wuerttemberg (only main domiciles).

Year numbers of inhabitants
31. December 1973 132,673
31. December 1975 131,159
31. December 1980 129,735
31. December 1985 128,675
27. May 1987 ¹ 130,656
year numbers of inhabitants
31. December 1990 138,525
31. December 1995 146,782
31. December 2000 149,424
30. June 2005 150.981


the district one administers by the Kreistag and by the land advice. The Kreistag is selected by the voters in the district on 5 years. This committee selects the land advice for one term of office of 8 years. This is more legalRepresentative and representative of the district as well as chairman of the Kreistags and its committees. It leads the district administration office and is a civil servant of the circle. Among its field of application rank the preparation of the circle tag meetings as well as its committees. It calls up meetings, leads these and carries outthe resolutions seized there. In the committees it does not have right to vote. Its deputy is a first national official.

The land advice of the district beeches (desert forest) 1945-1972:

the land advice of the district MOS brook 1945-1972:

the land advice of the Neckar Odenwald circle since 1973:

coat of arms

description Split: In front of silver and blue, in the back in red a sechsspeichiges silver wheel (coat of arms award schräggerautet 5. November 1975)

Meaning: The coat of arms pictures are the Mainzer wheel of the former prince diocese Mainz and the kurpfälzischen lozenges. These rule divided the predominant circle area to beginning 19. Century, before it fell at bathing.

Economics and infrastructure


the circle area become only at the most extreme southeast of A 81 Stuttgart - peppering castle affected, otherwise several federal highways open, under it B 27 Heilbronn - deaf bishop home and several land and circle roads the circle area.

Railway junctions in the circle area are MOS brook - Neckarelz, Osterburken and Seckach.

1862 pulled the Neckar Odenwald circle through first the east west connection of the state railway of Baden of Heidelberg over Meckesheim - Neckarelz to MOS brook, which was continued 1866 over Osterburken as Franconia course toward peppering castle.From southwest from direction Heilbronn reached 1869 also the Württembergi state railway the station Osterburken.

The way of the Neckartalbahn was used by the state railway of Baden for the distance Heidelberg - Neckarelz - bath Friedrichshall Jagstfeld only 1879. The line S1 that Rapid-transit railway RheinNeckar leads today from Heidelberg across Neckarelz and Seckach to Osterburken.

Beeches and Walldürn received by the Madonna land course from Seckach a connection, which was extended 1899 to the Bavarian spleen mountain to 1887. In addition 1911 still the branching Walldürn came -Hard home.

In the desert forest 1905 a narrow-gauge railway were built from MOS brook to Mudau by the Grand Duchy of bathing, which was operated however for many decades by the company Vering & Waechter, until the German National Railroad stepped 1931 to its place. Vering & guard took1908 also an own distance between Oberschefflenz and cheap home in enterprise.

The municipality Hüffenhardt is terminator point of a secondary line of Neckarbischofsheim, which was provided to 1902 by the restaurant railways of Baden AG.

60 km distances were shut down:

  • 1945: Obrigheim - Neckarelz 5 km
  • 1954: Walldürn - hard home 10 km
  • 1965: Oberschefflenz - cheap home 9 km
  • 1971 Aglasterhausen - Obrigheim 8 km
  • 1973: MOS brook - Mudau 28 km (meter pure)

details 100 km distances still are in enterprise.

circle mechanisms

the Neckar Odenwald circle is School carrier of the following vocational ones schools: Circle vocational school MOS brook, Ludwig Erhard school (commercial school) MOS brook, August evening he school (house-economical school) MOS brook, central vocational school beeches, house-economical school beeches, circle agriculture school beeches, Franconia land school (commercial school) Walldürn, furthermore the complete daily High School Osterburken and the following special schools: School for languageobstructed beeches, Alois Wissmann school forMental-obstructed beeches and school child garden for mental ones and handicapped person beeches.

The Neckar Odenwald circle is carrier of the district hospitals beeches and MOS brook. The latter is academic training hospital of the University of Heidelberg.

cities and municipalities

(inhabitants to 30. June 2005)


  1. aristocracy home (5.493)
  2. Beeches (desert forest) (18.888)
  3. MOS brook (25.197)
  4. Osterburken (6.523)
  5. Ravenstein (3.100)
  6. Walldürn (12.045)

central administrative bodies and/or. Local administration federations

  1. local administration federation “Hardheim Walldürn” with seat in Walldürn; Member municipalities: City Walldürn and municipalities hard home and Höpfingen
  2. agreed upon central administrative body of the municipality Hassmersheim with the municipality Hüffenhardt
  3. local administration federation “small desert forest”with seat in Aglasterhausen; Member municipalities: And blackoh agreed upon central administrative body of the municipality
  4. Limbach with the municipality driving brook central administrative body of the city MOS brook
  5. with the municipalities Elztal , Neckarzimmern and Obrigheim local administration federation “Neckargerach Waldbrunn” agreed upon
  6. municipalities Aglasterhausen, nine-churches with seat in Neckargerach; Member municipalities: Municipalities Binau,Neckargerach, Waldbrunn and ferrule mountain
  7. local administration federation “Osterburken” with seat in Osterburken; Member municipalities: Cities Osterburken and Ravenstein as well as municipality rose mountain
  8. local administration federation “Schefflenztal” with seat in cheap home; Member municipalities: Municipalities cheap home and Schefflenz
  9. local administration federation “Seckachtal” with seat in aristocracy home; Member municipalities: City aristocracy home and municipalitySeckach


  1. Aglasterhausen (4.962)
  2. cheap home (5.909)
  3. Binau (1.372)
  4. Elztal (6.098)
  5. driving brook (2.874)
  6. hard home (7.494)
  7. Hassmersheim (4.954)
  8. Höpfingen (3.298)
  9. Hüffenhardt (2.068)
  10. Limbach (4.606)
  11. Mudau (5.082)
  12. Neckargerach (2.377)
  13. Neckarzimmern (1.586)
  14. nine-churches (1.799)
  15. Obrigheim (5.302)
  16. rose mountain (2.260)
  17. Schefflenz (4.307)
  18. blackoh (3.181)
  19. Seckach (4.444)
  20. Waldbrunn (5.030)
  21. ferrule mountain (732)


  • the country Baden-Wuerttemberg - official description after circles and municipalities (in eight volumes); Hrsg. of the national's archives management Baden-Wuerttemberg; V bound: Governmental district Karlsruhe; Stuttgart, 1976, ISBN 3-17-002542-2
  • Karl Heinz Neser: Political life inNeckar Odenwald circle - yesterday and today. Vlg. Regional culture, Heidelberg. 128 S. 2005.
  • Office for land surveying Ba-Wü: Leisure map nature park Neckartal Odenwald - MOS brook. Yardstick 1:30 000. F 514. ISBN 3890216072. 2005. The connection map toward the west (Eberbach to Ludwigshafen) is called: Leisure map nature park Neckartal Odenwald -Mannheim Heidelberg. F 513.ISBN 3890216064 .

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