Neeme Järvi

Neeme Järvi (* 7. June 1937 in Tallinn) is a estnischer conductor. It studied conservatoire at the Tallinner school of music and at the Lenin grader at that time with Rabinovich and Mrawinskij. Of 1963 - 1980 he was a musical director of the estnischen radio and television orchestra. 1980 it emigrierte into the USA, where it had guest appearances with all large orchestras in the consequence. 1982 he became principal conductor of the Göteborger Sinfoniker, a post which he until 2004 held. Besides it took over 1990 also the line of the Scottish from 1984 -National Orchestra, since 1990 those Detroit of the Symphony Orchestra. Its two sons Paavo and Kristjan are likewise conductors.

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