Neil John clay/tone

Donald Neil John clay/tone (* 4. February 1929 in Chillicothe, Ohio; † 28. September 1978 in Bedford, Texas), called Gabby, was an US-American basketball player. Between 1951 and 1959 he played in the US professional league NBA for the crew Philadelphias Warriors. John clay/tone was 2.03 meters large and played on the position of the center.

Originally John clay/tone baseball wanted - professional become, and played short time even for Philadelphia Phillies. But that baseball was not the correct sport for someone its size, it recognized Eddie beside John clay/tone also God-dear, owner of the Warriors. This took it 1951 under contract. John clay/tone played eight years for the Warriors, 1953 to 1955 stated it the NBA in the Scoring. 1956 it was part of the Warriors Meistermannschaft, to which also Paul Arizin and Tom Gola belonged.

John clay/tone died at the age of 49 years at a heart accumulation. To 15. May 1990 it postum taken up to the basketball resound to OF Fame.


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