Purpurnektarvogel (Nectarinia asiatica)
Class: Birds (Aves)
subclass: Neukiefervögel (Neognathae)
order: Sparrow birds (Passeriformes)
subordination: Singing birds (Passeri)
family: Nektarvögel
scientific name
  • Aethopyga
  • Anabathmis
  • Anthobaphes
  • Anthreptes
  • Arachnothera
  • Cinnyris
  • Chalcomitra
  • Chalcoparia
  • Cyanomitra
  • Deleornis
  • Dreptes
  • Hedydipna
  • Hypogramma
  • Leptocoma
  • Nectarinia

the Nektarvögel (Nectariniidae), also honey Auger mentioned, are a species-rich family the correct of the sparrow birds (Passeriformes).

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over half of the kinds of the Nektarvögel is in Africa, south the seeing era, common. The further kinds have their habitat of south Asia until Australia.


the quite lively Nektarvögel are ecologically seen the counterparts of the American hummingbirds in the old person world. Their flight is not so agile however and it can contrary to the hummingbirds only a short time on the place float. They have them over strong legs, with those with food intake to sit can and like the Honigfresser be enough, downward-curved bill. Their long tongue, with which they suck the Nektar from the blooms and catch insects, can be far out-stretched. The males are often multicolored colored and carry a metallic shining plumage. The females are more inconspicuous except for few exceptions.


you predominantly nourish themselves of Nektar. The moreover one of insects and spiders.


the clutch of eggs consists usually of two eggs. The nests, which hang on the branches or on the large sheets of the trees, are beutelförmig and closed; laterally is a narrow entrance. To the protection from enemies the nest is established sometimes additionally near with a wasp nest. The female breeds the eggs alone out and only with the building of nests and with feeding of the male is supported.

kinds and kinds (selection)

  • Aethopyga
    • Gelbrücken Nektarvogel (Aethopyga siparaja)
  • Anthreptes
    • Rubinwangen Nektarvogel (Anthreptes singalensis)
  • Arachnothera
    • long bill spider hunter (Arachnothera robusta)
  • Cinnyris
    • Gelbbauch Nektarvogel (Cinnyris venustus)
    • collar Nektarvogel (Cinnyris reichenowi)
  • Nectarinia
    • Grünrücken Nektarvogel (Nectarinia jugularis)
    • Lobelien Nektarvogel (Nectarinia John tonuses)
    • Malachit Nektarvogel (Nectarinia famosa)
    • Rotbrust Glanzköpfchen (Nectarinia senegalensis)
    • Prachtnektarvogel (Nectarinia superba)
    • Purpurnektarvogel (Nectarinia asiatica)
    • of Hasselts Nektarvogel (Nectarinia sperata)

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