Nelson A. Rockefeller

Nelson A. Rockefeller at the 1. March 1975

Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (* 8. July 1908 in bar Harbor, Maine; † 26. January 1979), a grandchild of the famous Ölmagnaten John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937), was governor of New York and in the government of president Gerald Ford of 19. December 1974 up to 20. January 1977 of the 41. Vice-president of the USA.

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early years

Rocky, how it was called, was the third from six children of John D. Rockefeller II.. He was grandchild of John D. Rockefeller - at whose birthday also it was born. It received its second first name after its other grandfather Nelson W. Aldrich, formerly senator of Rhode Island. Its brother Winthrop Rockefeller became late governor von Arkansas, his nephew John Davison Rockefeller, IV became governor von West Virginia. As a child it was considered as leader of the five skirt skin he brothers John, Nelson, Laurance, Winthrop and David.

1930 it locked its study at the Dartmouth college in Hanover, New Hampshire .

political career

Rockefeller worked first for enterprises and charitable institutions of the family Rockefeller. During the Second World War it was responsible for American propaganda in central and South America. After the war it was international chairmen development of the Advisory board, part of Präsidident Trumans point four program for development assistance.

With the choice victory of its republican party friend Dwight D. Eisenhower to the US president he became a chairman of the committee President's Advisory Committee on Government Organization. Later he became an under-secretary of State in the Ministry for health, education and welfare.

governor of New York

Rockefeller and president Johnson (1968)

1956 left Rockefeller the government, in order to dedicate itself to the policy in the State of New York. With the elections to the governor of New York it triumphed 1959 with a projection/lead of 600.000 voices. It was three times red-elect. From it strict laws initiated against drug possession and drug trade are well-known as Rockefeller drug laws. into force stepped they are considered to 1973 as with the strictest in the USA. Emphasis of its work as a governor was the improvement of the infrastructure, social housing construction and educating nature - under it the development of the State University OF New York. Together with large building projects this led to a strong rise of the budget of the State of New York of 2.04 billion US$ in its first year in office on 8.8 billion US$ in the financial year 1973/1974. Likewise into its term of office a reorganization of the public local passenger traffic falls in New York town center.

It was considered as prominent personality of the moderate or liberal of wing of the republicans. For this group in the 1960er and 1970er the term Rockefeller was often used republic to (contrary to Barry Goldwater and late Ronald Reagan).

a goal: Presidency

Rockefeller strove 1960, 1964 and 1968 in vain for the presidency candidacy of its party. it gave 1960 promptly against US vice-president at that time smelling pool of broadcasting corporations M. Nixon up and supports then its election campaign against the democrat John F. Kennedy.

1964 were considered to Rockefeller first as favorite to nominating to the republican presidency candidate against Barry Goldwater. The failure of its candidacy - despite inquiries encouraging before - explained with its divorce and quick remarriage with a likewise divorced woman.

1968 failed a further attempt again because of Nixon, which also won the following elections. An advisor with regard to foreign policy (and friend) Rockefellers in the election campaign of 1968 was Henry A. Kissinger, which dressed important offices in the presidency Nixons. As Rockefeller 1973 as a governor it withdrew was assumed that he would apply a fourth time for the presidency candidacy. Some Auguren mutmassten also, its nominating to the US vice-president by Gerald Ford are a preparation on the election campaign of 1976.

vice-president of the USA

after the resignation Nixons as a president nominated its successor Gerald Ford Rockefeller as a new vice-president. After the necessary hearings in the congress it was confirmed and stepped its office to 19. December 1974 on. After Ford Rockefeller was the second vice-president, for its appointment of the 25. Constitutional amendment was used. At the 3. November 1975 it communicated to the president that it for the election campaign of 1976 not when candidate is available. Since Ford had to become generally accepted within the republicans against Ronald Reagan as a candidate for the presidency elections, the liberal Rockefeller was considered as load. Ford won nominating and stepped instead with Bob Dole against the then victorious Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale on.


Rockefeller died to 26. January 1979 at a cardiac infarct.


  • Rockefeller was a very active collecting tank of modern art. It continued the commitment of its nut/mother for the museum OF decaying kind and supported a number of further museums.
  • From the election campaign of 1976 a picture is received, in which it holds out the stinking finger to a group of disturbing Hippies.
  • Over the exact cause of its death several versions circulated, [1].

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