Nelson Appleton Miles

Nelson Appleton Miles

Nelson Appleton Miles (* 9. August 1839 with Westminster, Massachusetts; † 15. May 1925 in the District OF Columbia) was an American officer and commander of the US army.

Miles was born to 9. August 1839 in close proximity to Westminster, Massachusetts. By self-instructions and training with French veterans he prepared for the fight in the American civil war , which he entered 1861 with the rank of a 1st lieutenant of the Freiwilligen of Massachusetts. It became fast the Captain 22. Infantry regiment of his homeland state carries. It had its fire baptism during the battle of Seven Pines 1862, when it served Howard in the staff of general. After this battle it was promoted to lieutenant Colonel and took over finally in the middle in the battle of Antietam the command over its regiment. It led it into the bloody battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, where it was wounded in each case. In the future the command received II. over the first brigade of the first division.Corps of the Potomac army and was finally promoted in May 1864 to Brigadier General. As such kommandierte it the first division II. Corps finally in the last engagements of the war during the Appomattoxkampagne.

In October 1865 he was appointed the major general and received the command over the second corps. Likewise became it admits Virginia as a commander from away Monroe , where the former president of the Konföderation, had interned Jefferson Davis. In July 1866 he was appointed the Colonel of the regular army and got the command over the 5.US-Infanterie. In the following years it fought against the Indians, first against Kiowa, Comanchen and Arapaho, where it could achieve 1874 victories among other things under Colonel Ranald Slidell MacKenzie with Palo Duro Canyon in September. Afterwards served Miles in the fights against the Sioux and Cheyenne, which after the battle at the Little bend to horn 1876 were pityless hunted. It forced the Bezwinger Custers, Crazy Horse, to the task and prevented 1877 Chief Joseph and the Nez Percé to flee to Canada.

In December 1880 it was promoted to Brigadier General of the regular army and kommandierte the department OF the Columbia, later the department OF the Missouri until 1886, when it was made for successors of general George Crook as a commander of the department OF Arizona, where it could bring the Apachenführer Geronimo in the September of the same yearly to the task. 1888-1890 it kommandierte the department OF the Pacific and 1890 to the major general was finally carried. It kept the department OF the East four years later, and 1895 he became even upper commander of the US army.

In the war against Spain it led personally 1898 an expedition against Puerto Rico, and 1901 it was promoted to lieutenant general. Because of controversies with the government it gave its office up later and dedicated themselves to the letter of its memoirs. In the spring 1925 Miles suffered a cardiac infarct during singing the national anthem and died a little later.


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