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Nest der Teichralle mit Küken und Eiern im Uferröhricht
nest of the Teichralle with Küken and eggs in bank-rawarranges
further Vogelnest

nest is a name for buildings, which are manufactured by different animal species and them as sleep, living and breeding place serve. Specificallyone finds among other things with birds and mammals padded nests, with fish such as Stichlingen of planting and foam nests , different with insects for example to bee honeycombs or with ants also ant nests. The nest becomes for the clutch of eggs, the brood and for the protection of the Nestlinge during the raising related. Some kinds of bird as for example the Teichralle establish several nest forms , under it a clutch of eggs nest, during their breeding period in which the actual brood takes place and which is extremely aggressively defended during the breeding period.

With grab birds one calls the nest also refuge,an example of it is the eagle refuge. Often to very inaccessible places attached, for example in a steep cliff, the Erklettern of an eagle refuge has, in order to take there young birds or eggs, particularly in the alpine people literature experienced a mythologische increased height. This is for example with Ludwig Ganghoferthe case, where this act serves as proof of man strength and man courage. The term was transferred later occasionally to remote houses or castles, from which one has from a good remote view.

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