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the new German wave (NDW) is the name for the German-language variant of Punk and new Wave, arisen starting from 1976. The first mention of the term „new wave “is in the 1977 (!) published Fanzine„The 80's “of the Joseph Beuys - pupil Jürgen shopkeeper. The name new one German wave emerged for the first time in an announcement citizens of Berlin of the disk dispatch “the censor” in Hamburg music magazines sound in August 1979 and became 2 months later by the music journalist at that time(and later label operator) Alfred Hilsberg for its large sounds - three-divisors „new Germans wave - from grey cities walls “(“new Germans wave”/“thickness Titten and avant-garde”/“Macher? Makes? Moneten ") taken up.

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of the new Germans wave


knows music industry 1,3 wing over 1,4 historical meaning 1,5 in twoSections divide, which are to be characterized by their respective carriers best.

phases of the underground music

in the first half decade to approx. 1981 were the new German wave, although she was not called in such a way at that time yet, a Untergrundbewegung,their origins on the British Punk - and new Wave music decrease/go back. Very fast an original stylistic idiom, those developed was strongly coined/shaped from (the Rhythmik more sharp-edged in the comparison to the English ) angular and the German language, for those from these beginningsa large part the volume had already early decided. This phase is coined/shaped by the self marketing - the artists brought on one's own clay/tone carriers out.

phase of the music industry

the self-willedness the volume and their music ledto the fact that the music industry off approx.1980 the NDW turned, but went off rapidly the attempt to actually promote thereby linked volume. Instead either German singing volume under contract were taken, those with the NDW otherwise nothing commonlyhad, or One hit Wonders got the addition. All these projects were provided with a promising label, i.e. that the new German wave (NDW). The best example of this marketing campaign and successes resulting from it represents Trio , later also to UKW and Nena.

Beside the commercial rail however the connection of the music to the forming art animated the NDW. Like that the Punkband Geile of animals aligned to provocation was a project of the artist Salome. Jürgen new and the Modedesignerin Claudia Skoda affected thoseBerlin avant-garde.DAF came from the Düsseldorfer art scene, into Nuremberg created Peter Engl (academy of arts student) Institut for aesthetic frontiers. This part of the NDW could extract itself and survive from the marketing mechanisms of the industry by the back meditation on the art.

In the publicTo arise again and again the image of humans was placed to the origin from small conditions, the music from the belly by the road, and the principle of the simplicity in thinking and language into the foreground. Thus became in particular the youthin the age groups public preferential from 12 to 18 as addressed. The bulk the star of the NDW could to be scored under the aspect “humans as you and I” with the fans.

wing over

within shortest time led thoseDevelopment of the increasing commercialization by the music industry with the actual authors of the trend, underground volume, to frustration and the former movement disintegrated rapidly. A further reason for the decay: The industry supported also the classical hit with NDW Beats (byRhythm machine/sequencer) and marketed everything under the salespromoting name NDW. Many musicians of the early period terminated thereupon their careers hardly begun again, only few projects survived. The NDW degenerated by the music industry to the short-lived mode trend went so already 1983/1984 because ofthe supersaturation of the market and their stereotyped, idealess forms to end.

historical meaning

historical is interesting that with the NDW for the first time after the war German-language music in the youth subculture became again popular. ( The German hithowever addressed itself to by far larger social classes to stylistic not actually assign was than phenomenon clearly more long-lived and showed up more cultivated.) the NDW led to it that in the connection German musicians could be established also for the first time commercially, even if it the NDWwere. To call would be here z. B.BAP, Heinz Rudolf Kunze or harsh ore Grönemeyer.

The NDW formed to that extent also again and again a connecting factor for new musical movements, thus for z. B. those Hamburg school or the so-called Neo NDW.

1976 to 1981

the NDW of these years had essentially 5 centers:

of volume and musician of the NDW

underground NDW

commercial successful NDW

general can be said that the NDW did not represent uniform music style, but was very diverse. Attributes can be found for many the artist,they would differentiate of the mass of other artists. Characteristic however were above all the German language, the relative Kurzlebigkeit, brief success (rarely more than three hits) and the frequent rawness. In addition, minimalism and gentleness of the presentations are style meansbeen. Only few the artist are this very day in music active. Only completely few could register comeback after the NDW still another.


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