New Frankfurt ones school

the new Frankfurt ones school (shortened: NFS) is a group of Satirikern and writers, which came out from the editorship of the satire magazine Pardon. Publication organ became, after quarrels over the style of the Pardon editor-in-chief, starting from 1979 the satire magazine Titanic.

ThatName leans to the Frankfurt school of max of Horkheimer and Theodor W. Adorno on, is however meant only half jokeful, since it concerned the NFS very probably society criticism. Some represent the opinion, it is the höchstrangige group of authorssince the Weimar Republic.

Some the members remembered by their sense sayings to public consciousness. As example here F likes. W. Amber deep statement the sharpest critics of the moose were in former times which apply.

Of the NFS partlymaintained speaking and Nonsenskomik contributed also to the success of the Komikers Otto Waalkes , for that and. A. Bernd express ore, Peter Knorr and Robert Gernhardt of texts wrote.



  • olive Maria Schmitt: The sharpest critics of the moose. The new Frankfurt ones school in word and line and picture, Berlin 2001, ISBN 3-8286-0109-X
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