New Osnabrücker newspaper

editorial building of the new OZ

the new Osnabrücker newspaper is a German daily paper for the Osnabrücker area and the Ems country. Altogether 5 expenditures for regional with different “neighbourhood " exist steeply and to eight expenditures for restaurant with own regional parts:

  1. New Osnabrücker newspaper
  2. Meller circle sheet
  3. joke camp circle sheet
  4. of Bram message

  1. Bersenbrücker circle sheet
  2. Lingener day's mail
  3. Meppener day's mail
  4. Ems newspaper

the common edition lies weekday with approximately 185,000 and Saturday with approximately 450,000 copies. Together with the partner publishing houses like the circle newspaper Syke achieves of the new OZ administered “indicator ring southwest Lower Saxony” in the further region a sold edition of 297.232 Expl. (IVW 3/05).

Beside the own regional sheets the new OZ supplies also independent newspapers with coat sides and publishing house supplements. In addition the Rheiderland newspaper in Weener and the Ostfriesi messages belong in Aurich.

The new OZ stands out with its late pressure pressure, about 23 o'clock, against other newspapers, then can e.g. Choice or football results on the next day more up-to-date its, than with other regional and supraregional newspapers.

The new OZ developed 1967 as fusion of the two Osnabrücker daily papers new day's mail, given change from the pressure house pious, and the Osnabrücker day sheet, led from Meinders & Elstermann (today M+E pressure). The newspaper publisher employs momentarily approximately 460 coworkers, in addition still the sister enterprises printing press center Osnabrück (DZO) come, medium selling Osnabrück (MVO), medium selling north (MVN), service the center Osnabrück (SCO) and the Citipost Osnabrück (CPO) as private letter service for the city and district Osnabrück. As one of the first German daily papers the NOZ introduced a Newsdesk , at which the information flow can be steered central. Because of their often quoted comments and interviews with well-known personalities the NOZ is more well-known also beyond their range as comparable regional newspapers.

Its own on-line offer set up the newspaper only in the year 2000 and was thereby clearly later than the competition, this very day is on-line department at pressure to make for the expenditure for print no competition. A user registration was obligating introduced, in order to find out whether the majority of on-line readers Abonennten are.

In the last years ever more Begleitprodukte to the new Osnabrücker newspaper, among them the health magazine “Bazillus” were published, the automagazine “wheel off” and the meeting magazine “TOASTER”. By these supplements it creates the NOZ also in competition to Internet and television about 30,000 announcements in the year to sell.

Publishers of the new Osnabrücker newspaper are Hermann Elstermann and Werner F. Ebke, managing director Axel Gleie and Bruno Sehling; the chief editorship consists of Ewald Gerding and Jürgen Wermser. Establishment publishers of the new Osnabrücker newspaper are Leo Victor pious † and Elizabeth Elstermann †.

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