New gymnasiale upper stage

the new one gymnasiale upper stage, shortened NGO, is the form of Baden-Wuerttemberg of the gymnasialen upper stage.

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in the year 2002 introduced Baden-Wuerttemberg the new Gymnasiale upper stage, which is also often called course stage (this designation was not so far usual). The past system of reason and achievement courses was abolished thereby, the options for the pupils were likewise limited like the possibilities for the emphasis setting in the subjects mathematics, German and foreign language. These must be occupied by all pupils on high level, who however achievement courses past of many topics were released, and are a mandatory component of the Abitur examination.

fan canon

obligation range:

choice range:

foreign languages beginning late, literature; Philosophy, psychology; Astronomy, representing geometry, problem solving with a computer algebra system, geology, computer science; Course allocation

in detail the following regulations


for seminar course [work on] to the allocation of courses in the last two school years:

Five fan will have four-hour informed and by all pupils to be occupied:

  • German as so-called. Core authority subject
  • mathematics as so-called. Core authority subject
  • a foreign language as so-called. Core authority subject
  • a profile subject: Natural science (biology, chemistry, physics) or foreign language; the pupil visited, also the appropriate profile in the central stage music, art or sport
  • an inclination subject: arbitrarily selectable (thus physics, chemistry, biology, foreign language, art, music, sport, history, geography, community customer, religion or economics)

a set of subjects is two-hourly informed ; they must be occupied by all, which already did not occupy the appropriate fan four-hour:

  • History; in the 1. /4. Half-year combines with community customer, in 2. /3. Half-year combines with geography
  • music or art
  • religion and/or. Ethics
  • two natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics)
  • sport

to note is that the allocation obligation always applies to every four half-years.

Thus the hour load per half-year amounts to at least 30 weekly hours (when economical allocation, e.g. with profile subject biology and inclination subject history), can rise however also problem-free on 32 or 34 weekly hours. The increased allocation obligations are one of the consequences of the new system; but it must be considered with the fact that not all of the courses must be also accounted for and the hour load per week is still in the average of the German Federal Republic (in Rhineland-Palatinate the Mindest load amount to 32 weekly hours!).

special learning achievement

alternatively can be brought also a special learning achievement into the Abitur examination. This can be a competition, by the country and/or. the federation is promoted, or the seminar course.

seminar course

the seminar course becomes only in the 1. and 2. Half-year informed and is a course of the choice range. It is three hour. On the contentwise arrangement of the Seminakurses the school decides in the context of the given framework. So ranges of topics also fan-connecting (e.g. politics) or school profile topics can (e.g. Name giver of the school) to be selected. The seminar course is the pupils an intensive learning study and/or. work-preparing work methods mediate.

The pupil of the seminar course selects itself independently a topic within the over-understood topic and compiles to its selected topic a seminar work and a presentation. This can and/or. should happen in group work, since the pupils also social authority in the seminar course is to be learned.

In the seminar course no examination is written. Furthermore the notes consist in equal parts of the following elements:

  • 1. The notes of the 1. and 2. Half-year, itself by intermediate presentations of their topic, the cooperation in instruction and the behavior and/or. Cooperation within the group builds up.
  • 2. The note for the seminar work.
  • 3. The note for the locking Kolloqium, with which the pupil questions must place itself to his topic of the seminar course teachers; also is a colloquium with presentation possible, i.e. the pupil must make the question round into a presentation over his topic and then in the connection follows oneself by the teachers.

Account possibilities of the seminar course at a general High School:

  • Replace the 5. Examination (verbal presentation examination)
  • decree of the additional verbal examination in written-examined subject
  • replacing the allocation obligation 2. Natural science (on allocation of the Seminakurses to the scientific profile)

at a vocational High School can replace the Seminarkus also a written Abitur examination.

To attention thereby however the allocation of the seminar course is into one of the 3 task ranges. A Seminakurs can be ranked among all 3 task ranges, this depends on the topic. So would e.g. be. the topic politics the socio-scientific task range assigned.


a competition must fulfill the following conditions, in order to count as special learning achievement:

  • Upper stage and/or. Abitur-fair level
  • study-preparing work forms
  • specializedspreading essays
  • written documentation

the temporal expenditure must be alike in for instance the seminar course; it must take place a presentation with colloquium; with group works the individual pupil work does not have to be recognizable and it may a anderwertige one computation of the competition in other courses take place.

Abitur examination

in the Abitur four fan are examined in writing and a subject verbally (presentation with colloquium). In one the written fan finds additional a verbal examination (no presentation!) instead of. Instead of a verbal examination one knows also a special learning achievement (seminar course and/or. Participation in a competition) make valid.

Written test fan are:

  • Core authority subject mathematics
  • core authority subject German
  • core authority subject foreign language
  • profile subject or inclination subject

as verbal test subject is applicable each in writing subject of the obligation range - additionally also computer science -, not examined yet, as long as with it by the Abitur test fan all three task ranges can be covered.


the account orients itself at the federally uniform model; it is more exactly avowed under the keyword Kollegstufe. Are to consider under the deviations in the system, the following adjustments:

  • The arbitrary four correspond to the achievement courses which can be accounted for to written test fan in Baden-Wuerttemberg two.
  • Correspond to the 22 basic courses which can be accounted for in Baden-Wuerttemberg 22 of the following usually two-hour courses:
    • the courses of the first three half-years in the test subjects
    • the courses of the four half-years in in writing not examined profile specialized/inclination subject (in the subject sport only 3)
    • the courses of every four half-years in history/geography/community customer (if one is this fan simply rated inclination subject: altogether two courses in the two other subjects, so that all fan are considered)
    • the courses from two half-years in music or art
    • the courses from two half-years in everyone of the two natural sciences
    • the remaining courses up to the number of 22 can be selected arbitrarily
  • the achievements of the Abitur examination to become because of the increased amount of the test fan not quadruple, but three-way in each case rated; if a written and a verbal examination take place in a subject, then the weighting is 2:1.

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