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the new museum - national museum for art and Design in Nuremberg (NMN) is a national museum for art and Design in Nuremberg. This museum new by the “promotion donation is supported into Nuremberg” and the association “museum initiative - friends and promoters of the new museum in Nuremberg registered association”. It consists essentially of two collections, the collection Design of existence of the new collection Munich and the collection art (international contemporary art) of the city Nuremberg - in addition still private donations come.

The collection art of the new museum goes back on in the sixties the collection begun of Dietrich Mahlow in the arts center Nuremberg. Purpose of the collection is international present art since the fifties 20. Century.

To main building after a draft of the architect of peoples Staab with 100 m reach glass facade inserts itself despite its modern architecture for general opinion look up-exciting into the historical town centre. The completion took place 1999. The museum became to 15. April 2000 opens.

In the first five years of the existence the museum counted about 500,000 visitors. Its partners in the museum building are Institut for modern art Nuremberg and the Design forum Nuremberg. In the museum one finds among other things works of be-gets, to Beuys and Neo smoke. As one of the Hauptwerke of the collection art the painting of “telephones” is considered from smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Lindner from the year 1966.

new advertisements, gifts and loans

  • large donation of 1999 and 2000 by the Nürnberger entrepreneur and Galeristen Marianne and Hansfried Defet
  • 2002 those came approx. 200 works comprehensive collection of Rolf Ricke as continuous loan in the new museum
  • since at the end of of February 2003 a 4.50 meters high sculpture with the name “elliptical column” of the artist Tony Cragg the photo “substrate
  • 1I” is located to the NMN from 2002 of the artist Thomas Ruff
  • the large, three-part picture “Psychogram” gave the German-American painter Karl Hagedorn briefly before its death 2005 [work on ]
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