Luftaufnahme von Neugablonz mit Blick auf die Sudetenstraße und Herz-Jesu-Kirche
aerial photo of Neugablonz with view of the Sudetenstrasse and heart Jesu church

Neugablonz is one of the five Bavarian municipalities of displaced persons created after the Second World War and today the largest quarter of the city Kaufbeuren. In the last years Neugablonz developed late repatriates to a center of Russian-Germans.


since 1939 became in the forest area of a factory lain northeast from Kaufbeuren that dynamite AG, before times Alfred Nobel and. CO, for the supply of the German wartime economy with ammunition developed. There became forced laborers from the nearby concentration camp magnesite composition with Mauerstetten begun.

On the former ammunition depot about 18,000 refugees from the region settled themselves around Jablonec nad Nisou (Gablonz) after 1945 (in the today's Tschechien, at that time about 100,000 German inhabitants) on and the left built the decoration and glass industry in its homeland (Gablonzer Bijouterie) againup.

Neugablonz was long time world well-known for the production of costume jewelry (see also Neugablonzer costume jewelry). This changed with arising more asiatically for “- competition cheap”. There are however still more than 100 enterprises, the costume jewelry sketches and manufactures.

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