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new spirit (English. New Thought for “new thinking”) designates a mirror-image-ritual philosophy, whose trailer is connected in the new spirit movement and partly organized, partly independently their teachings practices.

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the American new Thought Movement

under new spirit one understands oneself a number of mirror-image-ritual concepts, during the second half the 19. Century in the United States developed. The movement appoints itself to the theories of the life philosopher and writer Phineas Parkhurst Quimby and in smaller measure to the texts of Emma Curtis Hopkins. The teachings besides strongly by the Transzendentalen philosophy Ralph Waldo Emersons was inspired.

From this source numerous movements drew. Their most important are:

  • Divine Science, was formed toward end 19. Century around Nona L. Brooks
  • Science OF Mind (official: Religious Science), gegr. 1926 of Ernest of cross-beam
  • Unity Church OF Christianity (short Unity), based 1889 of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore

many of them find also today still move inlet. The largest organization of the again-mental thinking direction is world-wide already mentioned the Unity Church with approximately 2 million members. Today all considerable groupings are connected within the controlling body INTA (internationally new Thought Alliance).

The Christian science Mary Baker Eddys came out from the new spirit movement and continued to develop its ideas consistently, although it grants because of of their dogma tables occurrence little clearance for the creative advancement of the teachings to its trailers. Today it is differentiated strictly from the new spirit churches.

New spirit philosophy is monistisch after their character, it affirms the universal presence of the göttlichen nature as creative energy, which encloses and connects all naturenesses. It professes itself in addition to the creative Kraft of humans (God equality), who enable for the overcoming of all evil, from diseases, poverty and bad conditions. To be reached this is by a special kind of praying and Meditierens, which accompany with Affirmationen and visualizations. In some again-mental writings the term “scientific prayer” circulates, because it is based on a certain methodology, as it is taught also in numerous self-help books.

the new spirit teachings

the “again-mental” world view feed themselves from several sources, whereby the Christian-Biblical beginning dominates with most trailers. Nevertheless new spirit can be compared with no conventional Christian religious community. Differently than the traditional churches new spirit goes the far beyond Biblical excessive quantity and opened early eastern thinking directions like the Karmalehre (“compensatory justice”, resonance law) and the theory of the fine-material bodies.

Often new spirit was classified as practice-oriented variant of the Theosophie, which release the realizations of the western and eastern secret teachings, from theoretical ballast, to which transfers daily lives. By “secret teachings” the mystisch spirituelle excessive quantity of the Christian is to understand buddhistischen and hinduistischen philosophy in this case. The again-mental writers summarized thereby just like the Theosophen the agreeing statements of the holy writings of all culture areas in some central points and supplemented them by practical explanations and mental impetuses.

The style of most writers is thereby to a large extent pragmatically and undogmatisch, contents of their works to questions of the practical life assistance aligned. Gladly examples are stated by humans, who changed their life of reason on. Some works sound almost lyric pathetisch, while others seem material-soberly. All authors of the new spirit direction swore to however the almost unlimited potential of the human spirit, which was to be enabled for the overcoming of all resistances.

In more recent time above all motivation techniques and life assistance books tie to the again-mental tradition. Many writers let themselves be inspired by the former boom of the new spirit literature. Positives thinking came out directly from the new spirit movement, just like many mental techniques, success philosophies and Suggestivverfahren.

core statements

the core statements of the new spirit teachings can be summarized in the following points:

  • (Graphic) thinking is a creative power, with the constant urge after implementation and Materialisierung. By strong thinking terrestrial conditions can be changed lastingly, there the material (terrestrial) existence level from mental sources are fed. A change of the mental causes draws therefore zwansläufig a homogeneous change of the terrestrial “facts” (Primat of the spirit).
  • Miracles and metaphysical healings are also today and in principle everyone possible, if one adheres to concrete mental regularities. These are described in the numerous writings of the new spirit movement.
  • Everything and everyone are connected with everything and everyone in the cosmos on mental way. Separation is an illusion (a deception of consciousness), just as the time, since in the göttlichen nature everything is present.
  • God is pure love, universal Kraft and the highest level of consciousness in one. God is over personal and free from characteristics. At the göttlichen nature all naturenesses, even purely material “things” participates is mental origin, the world thus a “reflection of the spirit”. The creation (naturenesses and things) and God (creative Kraft) are one. Used for example humans its mental abilities, he works with its/the göttlichen nature, which is not impossible anything.
  • Positive causes cause positive effects, negative impulses negative circumstances produce. Who abuses its creative abilities, damage suffers, who wants other bad, evil pulls on itself. Only who works in the good, helping sense is in agreement with the will of the cosmos, its forces becomes strengthened and to affect enriching it back.
  • Each humans have the right to health, prosperity and luck. Poverty, illness and wrong are not virtues, but expression of lack-afflicted consciousness. By a fundamental change of thinking and faith inevitably also the living conditions change.
  • Humans are therefore which it think and believe. A change in thinking and believing causes thus also a change of the outside circumstances (spirit and subject it stands in reciprocal effect, whereby after the new spirit teachings lastingly bad living conditions are based only on persistent convictions). The materialistic world view affirms an effect of negative life circumstances on the mind, not however in reverse.

reports of spectacular miracle healings

again and again made healing by the faith by application of the new spirit teachings the round, which caused again violent criticism from the circles of the medical profession (in addition placebo effect compared). Some physicians became however for their part inspired new spirit advocates. That it came to unexplainable healings (also remote healings), as they prove numerous statistics, is meanwhile undisputed. Disputed is only, as it came to these healings and whereby they were caused.

The entire new Thought Movement was first a healing movement, there its master father Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (1802-1866) a well-known spirit-sound was. It treated 1862 the Mary Baker Eddy , the later Begründerin of the Christian science ( Christian Science ), suffering from paralyses. After its complete recovery it spread Quimbys teachings for their part in numerous writings. Quimby were after-said outstanding mirror-image-ritual abilities, then it was to have designated thoughts and feelings of its patients correctly.

Its healing secret is to have consisted of concentrating with its “patients” on the pure and perfect presence of God; in göttlichen consciousness there can be neither to illness nor disturbance. Quimby attributed all physical defects to erring faith and low-sitting fear conceptions. By the act of “mental pole reversal” humans are to again genesen, by overcoming its “wrong conceptions”. Afterwards the healing occurred according to excessive quantity.

In principle in this procedure way to today nothing changed. Also different new spirit practical men enjoyed the call of successful sound ones, it appointed themselves however always to mental Kraft, those their trailers by devotion to the göttliche nature and by the complete transformation of its thinking and faith for working brought (mentally Healing, Faith Healing). One also often speaks in this connection of charismatischem healing.

Still more typically for the new spirit movement are however the healings, which by reading relevant books and the intensive argument with the again-mental teachings occurred. Frequently in such writings the presence of God is affirmed and all bad, ill-making as illusion or deception (lack-afflicted thinking) is understood. Some new spirit churches and - organizations state thousands of healing certifications. Because of their many alleged faith healings also the Christian science came into the discussion.

Nearly all organized movements know so-called healing services, with which Meditationen and prayers are accomplished according to firm rules. Daily at 21 many trailers of the movement step o'clock within its time belts into a quiet devotion, in which all natures healing and well-being being issued are zugedacht.


during it in the USA far circles drew, spread the new spirit teachings also fast in Europe and other parts of the western world including Japan (Masaharu Taniguchi and the Seicho NO IE movement).

Two of their most important representatives in the United States were Prentice Mulford and Dr. Joseph Murphy, which near-close to philosophy by their publications to a world-wide public. Further well-known writers of the new spirit movement were among other things Ernest of cross-beam (“the volume coming heating teachings”, orig: “The Science OF Mind”), Frederick Bailes, Emmet Fox, Ralph Waldo Trine, Norman Vincent Peale and the Unity teacher Catherine Ponder. Many of them became best-selling authors and to find today in the catalogs of all large publishing house houses.

That new Thought Movement had an immense radiant emittance on those new Age - movement of the 1980er - years and affected many mode currents within the esoterischen scene. The again-mental movements distinguish themselves nevertheless usually from the eklektischen Esoterikmarkt.

German-speaking countries

in Germany above all the authors K.O stepped during the postwar years. Schmidt (Karl Otto Schmidt) and Felix Riemkasten out. An almost difficult-to-understand number esoterisch, psychologically and heilkundlich aligned writer of our days draw (t) EN from the writings of new spirit (Louise L. Hay, briefly Tepperwein, Karl Spiesberger, Erhard F. Friday, etc.)

In Germany existed into the second half 20. Century the German new spirit federation as a controlling body for all trailers of the “new thought teachings”, as one called new Thought in Germany first. Its central executive body, the white flag, served many writers as jump board. The magazine under the name became later esotera by the Hermann farmer publishing house - publishing house for new thinking (Freiburg/break) resumed and around a larger topic spectrum extended. After attitude of the publishing house activity 2002 the magazine was again-created as monthly sheet.

Up to the Second World War the Johannes tree publishing house homestead many was a again-mentally aligned writer, among other things K.O. Schmidt. Nach der Ermordung des Verlagsleiters Viktor Schweizer durch die Nationalsozialisten wurde der Verlag zerschlagen. Newmentally oriented publishing houses of the present are steeped in tradition three the oaks publishing house in mutton castle and the meanwhile closed Hermann farmer publishing house in the Freiburg of Baden. It was long time the prominent enterprise in the area of the Esoterik.

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