of these articles is concerned with the Inselgruppe before Australia; for the former British colony Neukaledonien see Canada.
Base data
capital Nouméa
inhabitant 216,494 (July 2005)
surface 19,060 km ²
population density 11 inhabitant per km ²
head of the government Marie Noëlle Thémereau
currency CFP franc
time belt UTC + 11
TLD .nc
preselection +687
Karte von Neukaledonien
Virtuelle Ansicht Neukaledoniens aus dem Weltall

Neukaledonien (French Nouvelle Calédonie) is since the change of the French condition of 28. March 2003 an overseas community with special status (collectivité sui generis).

Two representatives sit in that Paris national assembly.

Capital is Nouméa. There is alsoa German fee consulate.

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historical map of Neukaledonien and Loyaltyinseln (1888)

the Inselgruppe lies before the Australian northeast coast.The surface of the islands amounts to 19,060 km ², of it is 18,575 km ² land surface and 485 km ² water surface. The coastal line has an overall length of 2.254 km. The highest point of the islands is the Mont Panie with 1628 m, the deepest point is on sea level. Around the Hauptinselaround a corral reef grows. The temperatures on the islands are durably - the whole year over between 20 °C and 30 °C. The eddy tower Erica caused 2003 large damages on the whole island in March. The Dengue fever is depending upon season upNeukaledonien more or less spreads. In January 2003 for example are between 4.500 (official number) and gets sick to 9,000 humans to be.

See also: Diahot

Flora and fauna

the Flora Neukaledoniens exhibits a very high degree at end bad mash. Many kinds are threatened. Thoseeffectively enough did not fight shrub fires play thereby an important role. One only on these islands occurring kind of bird is the Kagu. In addition one is endemic the largest Geckos of the world, the Neukaledoni Riesengecko on Neukaledonien.


the Urbevölkerung of the Melanesier orKanak represent a relative majority to the population with a portion of 44%. There are many half-breeds of all kinds. Office language is French and of to a large extent all inhabitants of the country is spoken. There are however often already many humans of different origin, since generations inNeukaledonien live and to a large extent French citizens are. These speak their original languages, thus Polynesian, Tahitianisch, Vietnamesisch, Wallisisch, Indonesian and English under itself sometimes still. Many Kanak maintain their own languages and customs in their trunks further. Also today become stillapprox. 25 of these Kanak languages in the different master areas uses. However they play a very much subordinated role in the educating nature of the country only. In the area of the study of the languages in Neukaledonien particularly the French Ethnologe Maurice Leenhardt (1878-1954) out-did (see also DO KAMO).
The majority of the population (60%) are catholics; Protestanten with 30% and Muslims represent the remainder.


early inhabitants of Neukaledonien, if also not first were, the Kanaken.

The Spaniards reached the island in the course 16.and 17. Century, but only James Cook lent 1774 their current names to them.

The islands became both of Great Britain and by France during the first half 19. Century settles; the Hauptinsel came 1853 into French possession. The use as penal colony lasted from 1864on over 40 years.

Between 1956 and 1998 it was dependent overseas territory.

The movement of independence of the Kanak into the 1980er years led to a larger autonomy by the Matignon agreements 1988 and the agreement of Nouméa of 5. May 1998.

Was from 1946 to 2003 Neukaledonien French overseas territory (territoire d'outre more mer, TOM)

a referendum in the year 2014 is to decide on the independence of the islands or the whereabouts with France.

Coats of arms


international-law disputes

the Matthew and Hunter islands become both from France and of Vanuatu stresses.


the international airport Neukaledoniens is Nouméa/La Tontouta (IATA - characteristics: NOU). This is to about 40 autominutes on the municipality Païta, far away from Nouméa.

For local of flights the airport is used by „Magenta “, directly in Nouméa lies. Itthe most important cities and all neukaledonischen islands are approached.

Neukaledonien has a well developed, to a large extent completely asphalted road system.

The most important port of the island is from Nouméa.


the economy consists of handicraft, industry, agriculture and tourism. There is enormous Nickel - to find occurrences. These are used since beginning of the colonial age, after that 2. World war gave it the so-called „nickel boom “. The interferences into the ecological systems of the island are partly substantial. „The Société le nickel “(Eramet group, France) operates in the capital Nouméa, hardly 2 km of, a pyrotechnic nickel fusion factory removes for the city center. At present two hydraulicmetallurgical nickel factories are planned, in each case which are to be operated ever in the south (Goro) and in the north (Koniambo) together with the Canadian enterprises Inco and Falconbridge.

Neukaledonien uses the French Pacific franc, which is bound at the euro.

Neukaledonien is not integrated into the European increase in value control system, so that commodity from Europe can be referred VAT-freely. By the neukaledonischen tariff import duties are raised.

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coordinates: 21° 17 ' S, 165° 21 ' O


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