New city at the crying race

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Wappen der Stadt Neustadt an der Weinstraße Lage der kreisfreien Stadt Neustadt an der Weinstraße in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
district: Circle-free city
surface: 117.10 km ²
inhabitants: 53.695 (31. October 2005)
Population density: 459 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 136 m and. NN
postal zip codes: 67433, 67434,67435
preselection: 06321, 06327
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 49° 21 ' N, 08° 09 ' O
49° 21 ' N, 08° 09 ' O
Kfz characteristics: Size
municipality key: 07 3 16 000
city arrangement: Town center + 9 quarters
of the city administration:
Market place 1
67433 Neustadt/Weinstr.
E-Mail address:
mayor: Hans's George Löffler (CDU)
situation in Rhineland-Palatinate

new city at the crying race is a circle-free city and lies to the middle Haardt in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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thoseTown center of new city is to the Haardtgebirge because of the eastern edge of the Pfälzer of forest , and at the western edge of the lowlandses of the Upper Rhine in the midst of broad the Weinbaugebietes of the Pfalz long around 10 km and 85 km. The city becomes from westas well as after east of the Speyerbach flowed through from the deer brook, which to the left separates within the city at the Winzinger Wassergescheid from the Speyerbach, in order to flow - after crossing of the level - some kilometers further north as this into the Rhine.

expansion of the city

the west east expansion of the city with the eingemeindeten local parts amounts to 22.5 km, the north south expansion 9.5 km.

neighbour municipalities

(in the clockwise direction)

  1. Deidesheim
  2. Ruppertsberg
  3. Meckenheim (Pfalz)
  4. hate hole (Pfalz)
  5. May chamber
  6. lime tree mountain (Pfalz)


Climatic diagram of new city at the crying race:

Climatic diagram


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Church towers of the pin church


150 v. Chr. Settling the area by those Celt
20 Settling the area by the Romans
around 400 Colonization by the Alemannen
against 500 Colonization by Franconias
774 First documentary mention of the villages Winzingen, laughter and Speyerdorf
around 1200 Building of the wolf castle by Pfalzgraf Ludwig I.
13. Jh. Establishment of the “new city” by the Pfalzgrafen Ludwig I. and its son Otto II. underneath its castle Winzingen
1254 Member of the large Rheini standard ware
1275 Award of municipal rights
1689 - 1697 Hardly damages in the Pfälzi succession war - inContrast to other pfälzischen cities
1797 - 1815 New city French (Département Mont Tonnerre)
1816 - 1945 New city Bavarian (Rhine circle, late Rheinpfalz)
1847 Opening of the railroad line Ludwigshafen on the Rhine - new city
1892 Incorporation of the village Winzingen
27. May 1832 Hambacher celebration: Demonstration of more than 25,000 humans on the Hambacher lock for democracy and national unit of Germany
1969 and 1974 Incorporation of nine surrounding winegrower villages


historical pass of new city

the cityNew city was in its history under different names, which mean all „new city “, and surnames admits:

New facts Civitas (1253)
Nuwenstadt (1339)
nine-act at the hard (1414)
Nuwenstadt ann the hard (1452)
new place ancestor of the Haardt (1716)
new city to the Haardt(19. Century)
new city at the crying race (1935/1937 1945)
new city at the Haardt (1945-1950)
new city at the crying race (since 1950 finally)

early history

new city was surely at present the Romans settled. Finds point also to it that before that Romans lived the Celts in the area of the today's city. From them there are ring barriers, tongefässe, coins and weapons.

Over the centuries after the end of the Roman rule there are no exact realizations. So much is however certain that it forwardsalready villages to the actual” new city “gave: Winzingen, which became 1892 after new city in in common December, was already mentioned documentary 774. Also having brook, laugh Speyerdorf, Geinsheim, Duttweiler and Hambach are substantially older than the city new city.

awardthe city privilege

to 6. April 1275 received by Rudolf from having castle municipal rights to new city:

We, Rudolf of God grace Roman king, at all times Mehrer of the realm, entbieten all the Roman realm faithful one, which regard this letter, our Huldand all property.
Dieweil we as to this Behufe of the highest judge the king of the kings destined and on the summit of the royal ones posed to regard itself that we everything that only always the use of the common well-being and thateverything of the realm faithful one serves, where it also always is, generously to promote and with eagerness and effectiveness full-leads is, then we have us considering its all most moved found, the requests of our dear faithful ones, the citizen of new city, subjects of oursloved son Ludwig Pfalzgrafen with Rhine, dukes in Bavaria, whom it around their right and its liberty us humiliate submitted to take up gnädiglich; such that we gefreiet the before-mentioned city from all-highest royal absolute power loud the present letter, byWe freely grant the citizen of the selbigen city all rights and liberties, whose the city Speyer enjoy,…

borough in the Middle Ages

in the late Middle Ages was divided for new city into four boroughs, their names over conditions and occupations thatrelevant inhabitant to information give:

  • Lauerviertel (Gerber)
  • boiler ring quarter (influential family 14. Century)
  • woman Mrs. (church possession with Kirchenpatrozinium of the God nut/mother)
  • Jew quarter (Jewish municipality)

end 15. Century were added outside of the attachment plants further quarters:

  • Stadtgasserviertel
  • Kirschgartenviertel
  • ” Egypt suburb “

reformation time

During the reformation the Ludwig V., the Friedfertige endeavored around reconciliation governed in the Pfalz to 1544. Its religion edict from the year 1538 permitted the lecture and the cup coming union to the Lutheranern. Just as compensatorily governed its brother and successor Friedrich II., thatWay. Only their successor became strict Lutheraner. As Friedrich III. in the year 1576, ordered he died in a clause in a will that not his lutherischer son Ludwig VI. the offices Kaiserslautern and new city to inherit, but its calvinistischer brother Johann Casimir should.

university under Johann Casimir


Pfalzgraf Johann Casimir created in the year 1578 the Neustadter university, the Casimirianum in such a way specified. While his lutherischer brother Ludwig in Heidelberg cleaned the university of Calvinisten, Johann Casimir engaged itself as a lawyerthe reformed faith. It offered the refugees professors and student asylum and donated in the year 1578 a university. After it” Casimirianum “designated was alternate university. When Johann Casimir moved in the year 1583 to Heidelberg, around there after death of theBrother the regency for its still minor son to take over, was again terminated Neustadts short bloom time.

The arguments around right faith were delivered in the following century no more with arguments, but with weapons, and the Pfalz became from oneCampaign after the other one afflicted. Six times new city in the dreissigjährigen war was conquered:

1622 of the Spaniards
1631 of Sweden
1635 of the imperial troops
1638 by troops of the duke Bernhard of Weimar
1639 of the Frenchmen under field marshal Herzogde Longueville
1644 again of the Frenchmen

with each change of the Besatzer changed also the denominations.

18. Century

1744 were from the 2,496 inhabitants of the city 1,676 reformed, 620 catholics and 200 Lutheraner. Jews became in thisStatistics not specified.

In 18. Century lost the city their medieval appearance, since the war-technically redundant Stadtmauern were torn off. After in the year 1722 the state road had been built to Mannheim, 1723 the northern Stadtmauer was broken through.

French revolution

in the process of the French revolution was new city as canton capital in the Département thunder mountain only an insignificant administrative centre. Napoleon passed the city on the way back from Erfurt to Paris and from the official ones was solemnly received. As five years laterParts of the army of the emperor by the city, struck with Leipzig, drew, the tendency had however changed.

local parts

city arrangement
(town center red emphasized)

the local parts lain outside of the town center were up to the incorporation independent villages. Since that time is that Mayors by a local chief replaced, the powers of the former local council mainly to the town councillor, in smaller measure also to the new local adviser changed over. This status does not apply however to Winzingen (S. and).

The the field
the the field was once a winegrower village.It is appropriate for 4 km south the town center and became in the year 1969 in in common December.
the village Duttweiler is appropriate for 7 km southeast the town center and became in the year 1974 in in common December.
the village Geinsheim is distant furthest from the town centre. Itliegt 10 km südöstlich der Kernstadt und wurde im Jahr 1969 eingemeindet.
Mandelblüte in Gimmeldingen
Almond bloom in Gimmeldingen
Gimmeldingen was once a winegrower village. It is appropriate for 3 km north the town center and became in the year 1969 in in common December. Admits is the place by thoseWine situation of sea spider as well as the almond bloom celebration.
Haardt was once a winegrower village. It is appropriate for 1 km northwest the town center and became in the year 1969 in in common December.
Hambach was once a winegrower village. It follows directly southwest the town centerand became in the year 1969 in in common December. Admits is the place by the Hambacher lock and the Hambacher celebration, which took place there 1832.
King brook
king brook was once a winegrower village. It is appropriate for 5 km north the town center and became in the year1969 in in common December.
Laugh Speyerdorf
the farmer and winegrower villages laughter and Speyerdorf were mentioned for the first time documentary 774. They are appropriate for 5 km southeast the town center and, to a double municipality were in former times already folded up, in the year 1969 in in common December.
Having brook
having brook was once a winegrower village.It is appropriate for 3 km northeast the town center and became in the year 1969 in in common December. The medieval yard property gentleman yard was removed starting from the 1980er years to a cultural center. To the most well-known wine situation donkey skin is due the donkey as Mussbacher Maskottchen.
Winzingenis much older than in early 13. Century created “new city”. It was a winegrower village, which was to the reestablishment because of the Speyerbach below, thus east. In the year 1892 it became into new city at that time on the Haardt in in common December. Meanwhile is the city further eastward beyond Winzingen grown. This is only considered as borough, thus legally no more than eingemeindeter local part counts. The Winzinger Kerwe is the second largest Neustadter people celebration.


town councillor

Result of the municipal elections of 13. June 2004:

  1. CDU 47.1% (- 2.9) - of 21 seats (- 2)
  2. SPD 22.3% (- 9.2) - 10 seats (- 4)
  3. FWG 15.8% (+6,7) - 7 seats (+3)
  4. GRÜ 9.3 (+3,6) - 4 seats (+2)
  5. FDP 5.5% (+2,3) -2 seats (+1)

state institutions

new city at the crying race seat of the structure and permission management south (SGD south is). It was created in the year 2000 and replaced the district government Rhinehesse-Palatinate. Contrary to this the SGD possessesSouth as middle administrative authority no longer regional, but functional competencies, which partly extend to the entire Land of the Federal Republic Rhineland-Palatinate.

In new city the revenue court responsible for completely Rhineland-Palatinate has its seat carrier. In the court complex are also the administrative and the district court. Besides numerous further authorities are in new city at the crying race resident, so for example the regional finance office. From the city center to the east edge of the local part having brook 1974 the service center rural area Rheinpfalz (DLR) moved , until 2004 under thatNames “national lehr and research institute for agriculture, wine and horticulture” and then of “agrarian information Rhineland-Palatinate” admits was.

role of the pioneer with administrative reform

new city at the crying race was to 2004 the only circle-free city in Rhineland-Palatinate, since 1993 in consequencetheir household to adjust and at the same time the local debt mountain between 1989 and 1999 over over 1/3 (about 37 million euro) to reduce knew.

The indebtedness of the circle-free city new city at the crying race had already in the middle of the 1980er years their high point alsoa per capita indebtedness of approximately 2,297 euro (at prices at that time) with a number of inhabitants of approximately 50,000 reaches. In the middle of 1999 was the per capita indebtedness with approximately 1,173 euro.

New city at the crying race received the “administrative management Award 97” for this achievement 1997 for intelligentSavings concepts of “institutes for internationally the Research” and the magazine “the innovative administration”.


tourism and viticulture belong to the main sources of income of the city. New city at the crying race is the largest viticulture municipality of Germany and one of largest Europe.

residents enterprise

new city are seat of the following large firms:


network plan of the rapid-transit railway RheinNeckar


thanks of the proximity1990 finished A 65 new city possesses a very good traffic route. In approx. 20 minutes reaches one Ludwigshafen at the Rhine and Mannheim, Karlsruhe in 30 and Stuttgart in 80 minutes. For Frankfurt airport needs one approx. 70 minutes, that Airport cock reaches one in 80 minutes.

railway traffic

of the Neustadter main station is the largest course junction in the south of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is appropriate for Mannheim in the center of the distance Kaiserslautern - and possesses starting points direction Landau/Karlsruhe and bath Dürkheim/Grünstadt.Since 1996 Hbf hold twice daily ICE - courses on the way of Frankfurt/Main and Mannheim over Kaiserslautern to Saarbruecken, likewise the three euro town center - connections from Frankfurt to Paris in new city.

By the introduction of the rapid-transit railway RheinNeckar (2002) the integration Neustadts was continued to improve in the German Eisenbahnnetz and the Rhineland-Palatinate clock.

In a common half hour clock the lines S 1/2 starting from main station and Neustadt Böbig drive to Kaiserslautern and toward Mannheim. In boat operator city connection exists to thoseLines S 3/4 after Speyer.

partnerships between cities

working group new city in Europe, 2006

In addition new city is member of the international “working group new city in Europe “with 34 members from five States of (conditions: 2005).

New city was godfather of the submarine U 26 (German Federal Armed Forces)

culture and objects of interest


  • free light stage inPark of the mansion Böhm
  • hall construction, theatre & concert hall
  • gentleman Mr. having brook

of buildings

of associations

the association listing is on the Neustadter Website (S. and) observably.


in new city becomes in the frameworkthe German wine read celebration since 1949 the German wine queen selected and crowned. High point of the celebration, which takes place traditionally at the beginning of of Octobers, is the largest winegrower procession of Germany.

There are wine celebrations in new city at the crying race of the almond bloom in April into thatOctober on nearly each weekend. Particularly admits is the Andergasser one celebration in Hambach, the almond bloom celebration in Gimmeldingen and naturally already mentioned the German wine read celebration with that Haisel at the station. An overview of the numerous wine celebrations in new city and its wine villagesit gives on the Website of the tourist board (S. and).

At the end of August finds (and. A. also in new city) the experience day German crying race instead of, at which the entire German crying race for traffic is closed; only bicycle drivers and pedestrians may upit on the way its. Everywhere then celebrations and exhibitions take place, and which entire Pfalz celebrates.


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general screen end schools

work on []


  • hauptschule east in the school center Böbig, new town centre city
  • Dr. Albert Finck School, Neustadt Hambach
  • August Becker school, Neustadt laugh Speyerdorf
  • beautiful valley school, new town centre city

six-form high schools

  • George of new May he six-form high school

High Schools

vocational training

adult education


of sons and daughters of the city


Sonstige mit der Stadt verbundene Persönlichkeiten

live [work on



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