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Karte der USA, Nevada hervorgehoben

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base data
pointed names:
  • Silver State of
  • Battle fount State
capital: Carson town center
largest city: Vegas surface
read (within the USA): 7
Altogether: 286,367 km ²
country: 284,396 km ²
water (%): 1,971 km ² (0.7%)
rank (within the USA): 35
altogether (2003): 2.241.154
density: 7 Einwohner/km ²
member state
place: 36
since: 31. October 1864
time belt: Pacific: UTC-8/-7
Mountain: UTC-7/-6
degree of latitude: 35°N to 42°N
Degree of longitude: 114°W to 120°W
broad: 515 km
length: 790 km
highest situation: 4005 m
average situation: 1675 m
deepest situation: 146 m
governor: Kenny Guinn
postal: NV
ISO 3166-2: US-NV

Nevada is a US Federal State inwestern part of the United States of America, where it is covered east the Sierra Nevada the largest part of the large basin and enclosed of California , Oregon , Idaho , Utah as well as Arizona. Nevada, - to possess without portions considerable at it- one designated after the mountains in the west, stepped in the year 1876 as 36. Federal State of the United States and is surface-moderately the seventh-largest. Capital is Carson town center.

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Originally a part of Mexico, had the area in the contract from Guadalupe Hidalgo to the USA to be surrendered. 1850 were established by the congress the Utah territory, which covered the today's States of Utah , Colorado and Nevada at that time. 1859 became the Comstock Lode,rich silver and Goldvorkommen discover and Virgina town center based. With this discovery flowed ever more humans into the region: Goldsucher, Prospektoren, dealers and others, which looked for their luck.

To 2. March 1861 was separated Nevada from the Utah territory and accepted the current name. To 31. October 1864 stepped Nevada finally as 36. State of the USA.

During the world economic crisis Nevada permitted to 17. March 1931 gambling, in order to promote the economic growth. Beside gambling those is in Nevada traditionally also - as only Federal State of the USA - Prostitution in some districts of the Federal State legally; explicitly however in Clark County including its capital did not read Vegas.

Large parts of Nevadas are military restricted area, whereby it applies to emphasize above all the Nellis rank in the south. On the there Nevada test Site (NTS) became mostAmerican atom bombs tested. Besides there are also still plants for testing secret military missile, like the AREA 51. Also of the same name the school Top Gun for the elite pilots of the US-Navy, well-known by the film , is to be found here. It concerns thereby the NavalAir station Fallon in the desert Nevadas.

Among the most important natives Nevadas rank the Paiute in the west and the south and the Western Shoshone in the north and the east of the Federal State. Despite a initial contractual respecting of territorial indianischer sovereignty (z. B. in the “contract of Ruby Valley“of 1863 between the USA and the chieftains of the Western Shoshone) the parallel taking place political structure Nevadas has, its integration into the Konföderation since the 1860er years and the substantial discrimination of indianischer rights into the all-youngest time inside in Nevada again and againled to tensions and conflicts between US federal authorities and indianischen natives. The two Western Shoshone Rancherinnen became most well-known and carrier inside alternatives the Nobelpreises (1993) Mary and Carrie then from Crescent Valley with the defense of indianischer rights.


Carson town center: Highest Court of Justice of Nevada

Nevadas capital is Carson town center. Politically at present three opposite conflict fields coin/shape the state: The northwest coined/shaped by cattle and timber economy (Reno, Carson town center, Sierra Nevada) on the side; the center and the north with its pastoral industry and the enormous gold mines on the other oneSide. By the strong growth of Clark County since center of the 1980er years with read Vegas in the south, which accommodates meanwhile more than half of all inhabitants Nevadas, from here on new tensions with the remainder of the Federal State developed. Above all the enormousWater requirement of the player and tourist metropolis contributes to the displeasure of the cattle and pastoral industry of the north, which already suffers since more than one decade under continuous Dürre.

Since years discussed end of the 1980er in Nevada controversially the possibility, a daily the nuclear ultimate waste disposal for thoseTo have to accommodate the USA in the Yucca Mountains. The rock massif is on the area of the “Nevada test Site” and of the Western Shoshone Indians as part of its 1963 of contractually assured territory is regarded. In the question of the resistance against Yucca Mountain as nuclear waste camp stand the federal state governmentNevadas with the natives and with most inhabitants of the Federal State in a refusal.


Karte von Nevada
map of Nevada

Nevada borders on Oregon and on Idaho in the north, California in the west, Arizona inSoutheast and Utah in the east. The border to Arizona is to a large extent the Colorado.

Nevada is geologically coined/shaped by desert and/or. Desert-quilt in the drying-hot south and west as well as from broad north-south aligned longitudinal valleys in the center and in the north. The northwest knows alpine” Vorgebirgsland as quasi “to the Sierra Nevada to be designated. Sagebrush bushes (Indiani Räuchersalbei Salvia apiana) cover far parts of the steppe soil, during Pinien - and June by trees v.a. are common in the gebirgigen north and east.

The largest part of Nevadas covers the meagerly settled large basin.

Nevada possesses beside South Africaand Australia the richest Goldvorkommen of the world.

Up to the city west whom Dover, which lies in the Mountain Time zone, applies generally speaking for State of the Pacific Time zone.

largest cities

city County inhabitant
1. April of 2000
1. July 2004
Vegas Clark read 478,434 534,847
Reno Washoe of 180,480 197,963
Paradise Clark - 188,768
Sunrise Manor Clark - 184,801
North read Vegas Clark 115,488 158,748
jumps Valley Clark - 161,286
Sparks Washoe 66,346 81,014
Carson town center Carson town center 52,457 55,974
Elko Elko 16,708 16,230
Boulder town center Clark 14,966 15,246

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  • Manhattan
  • Belmont
  • Rhyolite
  • Cherry Creek
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