Neve Campbell

Neve Adrianne Campbell [næf] (* 3. October 1973 in Guelph, Ontario) is a Canadian film and television actress. Their exotic first name is meant the maiden name of their nut/mother and in the Italian and Portuguese snow. Neveusually wrongly one expresses: Nief is wrongly, correctly is Näf [næf].

Its father Gerry originates from Glasgow in Scotland, and its nut/mother Marnie from Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Campbell began its Showkariere as a dancer. She trained at that National clench School OF Canada and arose with performances of the nussknacker and Dornrö . To several injuries Campbell changed with 15 years from the ballet to the looking plaything, among other things she played phantom of the opera at the Pantages theatre in Toronto.

Campbell attained large admittingness by the TV-series party OF Five, in which she played the main role of the Julia Salinger from 1994 to 2000. It brought further main roles in in films like the witch club, Scream, game Things and DATE to third. To end of the Scream Trilogie it changed to the Independent films. After it had already produced 1998 the “Indie ” Too Smooth (German title Hairshirt), in which it transferred also a small role, followed in the year 2000 thatChange. It turned the film” panic “praised by critics, in addition, less successful films like” Investigating Sex “. Among other things the drama load call of which followed for two Emmys was nominated. According to its interviews it feels with the Independent filmsbetter than in the Hollywood Einerlei.

At the beginning of of 2004 played Campbell the main role in The company, a film over the Joffrey clenches in Chicago (direction of Robert Altman). Campbell wrote also at the film script and produced the film. Despite different phrasedReporting in the apron of the publication did not remain Campbell of their tradition faithfully, “naked photographs” - clause in their contracts to have. This tradition fallow it only 2004 in James Tobacks drama When wants I Loved.

Campbell married 1995 Jeff Colt; itseparated already 1997 again. Campbell emerges in campaign literature and video of the Canadian Tourette syndromes Foundation and the US-American Tourette of syndromes Association. Its brother Damian suffers from the syndrome. With the Tourette syndrome as topic, in planning the present stands itselfFilm named A private one was shortly on, as Neve Campbell will act as Produzentin and an actress.

Filmographie (excerpt)

  • 1994: Party OF Five (TV-series)
  • 1996: The witch club (The Craft)
  • 1996: Scream - cry! (Scream)
  • 1997: Scream 2
  • 1998: Hair Shirt - moves after Corey
  • 1998: The king of the lions 2: Simbas Kingdom of (The Lion King II: Simba's Pride)
  • 1998: Wildly Things
  • 1998: Studio 54 (54)
  • 1999: A DATE to third(Three ton of Tango)
  • 2000: Scream 3
  • 2000: The case Mona - murder case, accident or stroke of luck? (Drowning Mona)
  • 2003: Blindly Horizon - the enemy in me
  • 2003: The company - the ensemble
  • 2004: When wants Iloved
  • 2004: Churchill - The Hollywood Years
  • 2005: Kifferwahn (Reefer Madness: The Movie musical)

honors - best actress

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