New Hampshire

of these articles describes the US Federal State. For the chicken race of the same name, see New Hampshire (chicken).
New Hampshire
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base data
pointed name: The granite state
(The of granites State)
capital: Concord
largest city: Manchester
rank (within the USA): 46
altogether: 24,239 km ²
country: 23,249 km ²
water (%): 514 km ² (3.5%)
rank (within the USA): 41
altogether (2000): 1.235.786
density: 51/km ²
member state
place: 9
since: 21. June 1788
time belt: Eastern: UTC-5/-4
degree of latitude: 42°40'N to 45°18'N
degree of longitude: 70°37'W to 72°37'W
broad: 110 km
length: 305 km
highest situation: 1,917 m
average situation: 305 m
deepest situation: 0 m
governor: John lynch
postal: NH
ISO 3166-2: US-NH

New Hampshire is a US Federal State in new England. New Hampshire is one of the first 13 states (1788 taken up to the union) and became from John Mason, the Charles I.1629the country assigned, to the English county Hampshire designated. It is called due to its many quarries also granite - state. The pointed name at the same time reflects also retaining of traditions and the history of an economical government. There are no general Increase in value - or income taxes, which the state slogan „free live or die “corresponds. Although it is a relatively small state, New Hampshire in the presidency elections plays every four years an important role, because the first preselection finds here (primary election) instead of. New Hampshire already in the year 1623, only three years after the Pilgerväter in Massachusetts had landed, settled. New Hampshires history describes the way of the wilderness over an agricultural society to an industrial company.

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New Hampshire consists of the Counties:

  • Rockingham,
  • punishing Ford,
  • Belknap,
  • Merrimack,
  • Hillsborough,
  • Cheshire,
  • Sullivan.
  • Count clay/tone,
  • Carrol and
  • Coos

largest cities (inhabitant 1. July 2004)

see also: Sherman Adam, Liste of the governors of New Hampshire, list of the cities in New Hampshire, List of the Countys in New Hampshire

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