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Karte der USA, New Mexico hervorgehoben

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base data
pointed name: Country of the Bezauberung
(country OF Enchantment)
capital: Santa Fe
largest city: Albuquerque
rank (within the USA): 5
altogether: 315,194 km ²
country: 314,590 km ²
water (%): 607 km ² (0.2%)
rank (within the USA): 36
altogether (2000): 1.819.046
density: 6 km ²
member state
place: 47
since: 6. January 1912
time belt: Mountain: UTC-7/-6
degree of latitude: 31°20'N to 37°N
degree of longitude: 103°W to 109°W
broad: 550 km
length: 595 km
highest situation: 4,011 m
average situation: 1,735 m
deepest situation: 866 m
governor: Bill Richardson (since 2003)
postal: Nm
ISO 3166-2: US-NM

new Mexico (dt. New Mexico, splinter Nuevo México) is a Federal State in the southwestthe USA. The name comes from the Spanish conquerers, who named the country west and north the Rio Grande. New Mexico (shortened Nm) is called also country of the Verzauberung (country OF Enchantment).

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already for a long time before “discovery” of the area by Europeans the area was inhabited by Indian trunks. They settled at rivers andin the hinterland. In the years between approximately 1000 and 1300 after Christ important cultures developed, under it the culture of the Anasazi and the Chaco in the southwest of the today's USA. These cultures ended - probably among other things because of changed climatic conditions - in 13. /14. Century. Asthe Spanish conquerer Coronado on the search for the sayful sieved golden cities of Cibola the country crossed, lived there Pueblo Indians, in particular Hopi and Zuñi. Spanish mission acres and settler followed the conquerers. In the consequence it came again and again to arguments between Indiansand the immigrating. As in Mexico the Indians were already suppressed and driven out by the Spaniards already soon. After the Pueblo Indians allied themselves with the Inde, it succeeded to them 1680 to sell the Spaniards briefly but in the long run the conquerers succeeded. To 1821 stood for new Mexico under Spanish rule, afterwards until 1846 under Mexican. After the Mexican-American war Mexico the area of new Mexico had to the USA transfers, which integrated it as territory. 1853 were acquired the southernmost part of the Federal State with the Gadsden purchase by Mexico.With the building of the Santa Fe railway Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway into the 1880ern new Mexico experienced a first upswing. To 6. January 1912 finally received the area the status of a Federal State, and became 47. State of the USA.



New Mexico borders in the north on Colorado, in the extreme northeast on Oklahoma, otherwise in the east and the south on Texas and in the west on Arizona. On Utah new Mexico borders on only one point in the northwest, the Four in such a way specified Corners.The state border to Mexico forms a part of the south border new Mexicos.


with a surface of 315.334 km ² stands for new Mexico at 5. Place under the 50 US Federal States. Only Alaska, Texas, California and Montana are larger. Thus is new Mexicoabout as largely as the Federal Republic of Germany without Baden-Wuerttemberg.

national nature

Landschaftsimpressionen über New Mexico.
Landschaftsimpressionen over new Mexico.

New Mexico is a Hochebene, which pulled through from the Rocky Mountains becomes. Accordingly the country between the mountain courses is even to curved. It rises in the eastfrom the Great Plains flat on, before the Rocky Mountains divides the country in several courses. There the country on the wind-turned away side (Lee) the Rocky Mountains lies, is arid far surfaces. The south of the state is part of the Chihuahua desert. ThoseDryness coins/shapes the landscape in the level as in the mountains. Exceptions are the mountains north of Santa Fe and the area in the west beyond the continental sheath, where there are expanded forests. In the mountains north of Santa Fe is the amount of precipitation in the winter like thatlargely that a winter sports region developed there. In addition there are areas, which are almost unaffected by humans, like for example the Gila Wilderness in the southwest. Highest mountain is the Wheeler peak north of Santa Fe with 4.011 M.

The wealth at landscape forms, clear airwith the usually blue sky and the varied multicolored rocks give its proverbial charm to new Mexico.


Karte New Mexicos mit County-Grenzen
map new Mexicos with County borders

most important river is the Rio Grande. It rises in Colorado and flows through new Mexico from north to south, pastat Albuquerque and Cruces read - majority accompanied of inter+done Highway 25. Starting from Texas the Rio Grande forms the border to Mexico and flows after 2896 km into the gulf of Mexico. Thus the Río Grande is the second largest river of the USA after that Mississippi/Missouri. In addition, for the agriculture the Río Grande represents a proper life vein, it has to meaning for the energy industry.

Besides the Río Pecos and the Canadian River is important rivers. The Río Pecos flows likewise from the north to the south and watersthe southeast from Roswell over Artesia and Carl bath to the texanischen border. The Canadian River flows by the northeast new Mexicos and then over the “Panhandle” from Texas to it in the east of Oklahoma into the Arkansas continues to flow. The Canadian River attains however predominantly onlyin Texas and Oklahoma meaning.

Because of the mainly dry climate there are only insignificant natural seas; from the artificial artificial lakes the Elephant Butte is the most important.


ways of its southern situation and the circumstance that it on the wind-turned away side (Lee)the Rocky Mountains is appropriate, is the climate new Mexicos throughout very for drying and particularly in the summer very hot. In the winter it can become due to the altitude in addition, knackig coldly, particularly in the north, where it in the mountains north of Santa Fe an expressed winter sports areagives.


see also: List of the Highways in new Mexico


with 1.819.046 inhabitants (conditions 2000) is to new Mexico because of 36. Place under the 50 US-American Federal States. The inhabitant density is accordingly small with 6 inhabitants per km ².

The ethnicalComposition of the state is:

  • 44.7% white, hispanischer descent
  • 42.1% Hispani descent
  • 9.5% Indian
  • 1.9% Afro American
  • 1.1% Asian
  • 3.6% mixed descent

the five largest groups of descending in new Mexico are not Mexican (18.1%), German (9.9%), Indian (9.5%), Spaniard (9.3%) and Englishman (7.6%).

In the comparison to the US-American averageregisters new Mexico a superproportionally high increase in the population. In the time of 1990 to 2000 the increase amounted to 20.1%. An indication of the high immigration from Mexico and other Latin American states, in addition, of the positive economic development. A significant example of the legal andillegal immigration of humans from the south places the city lain in the proximity to the Mexican border read Cruces. Still if no 30,000 inhabitants in the city lived before thirty years, then there is meanwhile about 75,000 - the two-and-one-half times. Thus read Cruces is tosecond largest city new Mexicos grown.

largest cities

Civic Placa in Albuquerque, der größten Stadt New Mexicos
Civic Placa in Albuquerque, the largest city new Mexicos
city County inhabitant
1. April of 2000
1. July 2004
Albuquerque Bernalillo 448,607 484,246
read Cruces Dona Ana 74,267 79,524
Santa Fe Santa Fe 62.203 68,041
Rio Rancho Río Rancho 51,765 61,953
Roswell Chaves 45,293 45,074
Farmington San Juan 37,844 42,421
Alamogordo Otero 35,582 36,211
Clovis Curry 32,667 33,063
Hobbs Lea 28,657 28,708
Carl bath Eddy 25,625 25,417
Gallup McKinley 20,209 19,715


Gouverneur Bill Richardson (seit 2003)
governor Bill Richardson (since 2003)

Like the remaining Federal States new Mexico possesses a parliament with two chambers, senate and house of representatives. Governor is the democrat Bill Richardson (selected until 2007). Capital is Santa Fe - by the way the oldest seat of the government in the USA, because under Spanish rule already was SantaFe seat of a governor. Into the congress in Washington new Mexico sends two delegates into the senate and three delegates into the house of representatives. New Mexico is divided into 33 Counties.

List of the governors of new Mexico


the Pro-Kopf-Einkommen amounts towith 23.081 US Dollar (conditions 2001) only 76% of the US-American average. Thus new Mexico in third last place stands under the 50 Federal States. That can as indication of the generally lower prosperity of the Latin American and indianischen social classes in the US company and the still smaller level of development of theState to be interpreted. The growth of the gross national product is positive: From 1990 to 1999 it increased by 88%. An important restaurant factor is the tourism.

, Cruces

List of the cities in new Mexico, List of the Countys in new Mexico

objects of interest

the Tent of skirt in the Kasha Katuwe national Monument

ways of its nature beautifulnesses and relatively well received historical places is new Mexico richly at objects of interest. In addition the consistent attention of the historical Adobe lifts - architectural style in more recent time in particularthe cities Santa Fe and Albuquerque from the unit picture of American cities in the west out. Examples of nature marriage worthynesses are:

Examples of historical places worth seeing:

  • Chaco Culture national Historic park in Chaco Canyon (Pueblo ruins of the Chaco culture),
  • Gila Cliff Dwellings north of Silver town center (rock dwellings),
  • Coronado State park with Albuquerque.

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