New York (Federal State)

New York
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Karte der USA, New York hervorgehoben

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base data
pointed name: Empire State
capital: Albany
largest city: New York town center
rank (within the USA): 27
altogether: 141,205 km ²
country: 122,409 km ²
water (%): 18,795 km ²(13.3%)
rank (within the USA): 3
altogether (2000): 18.976.457
density: 134/km ²
member state
place: 11
since: 26. July 1788
time belt: Eastern: UTC-5/-4
degree of latitude: 40°29'40 " N to 45°0'42 " N
degree of longitude: 71°47'25 " W to 79°45'54 " W
broad: 455 km
Length: 530 km
highest situation: 1,629 m
average situation: 305 m
deepest situation: 0 m
governor: George Pataki
of symbols:
  • Mammal: Beaver
  • bird: Blue throttle
  • insect: Ladybird
  • fish: Brook Forelle
postal: NY
ISO 3166-2: US-NY

New York [nuː jɔːrk] is a Federal State in the northeast of the USA. It borders on the Eriesee, the Ontariosee, Canada, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, new jersey, Pennsylvania and the Atlantic ocean. The three islands Long Iceland, Manhattan and Staten Iceland form an important part new Yorks. In the east new Yorks flows the Hudson River.

New York has a surface of 141,080 square kilometers and is with 18.98 million inhabitants(Conditions: 2000) after California and Texas the third-most densely populated Federal State of the USA.

The capital new Yorks is Albany, and the largest city is New York town center. The area outside of the city of New York town center becomes as „UpstateNew York “designates. Larger cities in Upstate New York are Binghamton, Buffalo, smelling esters and Syracuse.

largest cities

city County inhabitant
1. April of 2000
1. July 2004
New York Bronx, New York, Queens,
Kings, smelling moon
8.008.278 8.104.079
Buffalo Erie County of 292,648 282,864
smelling esters Monroe County 219,773 212,481
Yonkers Westchester County 196,086 197,126
Syracuse Onondaga County 147,306 143,101
Albany Albany County 95,658 94,226
new Rochelle Westchester County 72,182 72,985
Mount Vernon Mount Vernon County 68.381 68,321
Schenectady Schenectady County 61,821 61,125
Utica Oneida County 60,651 59,684
Hempstead Hempstead County 56,554 53,145
Niagara of case Niagara County 55,593 53,708
White Plains Westchester County 53,077 56,509
Troy Rensselaer County 49,170 48,162
Binghamton Broome County 47,380 45,864
Freeport Nassau County 43,783 43,726
Valley Stream Nassau 36,368 36,131
Long Beach Nassau 35,462 35,553
Rome Rome County 34,950 34,551


1621 is created New York as Netherlands colony Nieuw Nederland. In the year 1664 it comes to the appropriationby the English crown. Nieuw Nederland is divided into new jersey and New York. New York became after the duke of York, the later king Jakob II., that the colony as gift of his brother, king Karl, designated. The Dutchmen transfer Nieuw Nederland 1667 in peacetime of Breda finally at England ; 1685 become it a crowning colony. Three years later, in the year 1688, New York part of the Dominion OF becomes new England. In the year1788 join New York finally as elfter state of the American union.

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