New York Islanders

the New York Islanders an ice hockey crew in that Hockey League from Uniondale , New York are national. They were created 1972. Home stadium is the Nassau of veteran Memorial Coliseum with a spectator capacity of 16.297. The association colors are orange, white, silver, light and dark-blue.

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of successes and honours

sporty ones of successes

in the years 1980, 1981, 1982 and 1983 won the New York Islanders the Stanley Cup, the most in demand Trophäe of the ice hockey world. they stood for 1984 in the final were subject there however to the Edmonton Oilers 2:4.

association records

members that Hockey resound to OF Fame

current well-known players

former players

closed numbers

these back numbers more are never assigned. The back number 99 is generally in the NHL closed in honours of Wayne Gretzky.

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