New York Mets

the New York Mets a major League - baseball - team in the Eastern division that League are national. They were created in the year 1962, after the two former New Yorker baseball clubs, which moved Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants, to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The Mets delivers its Heimspiele in the Shea stage in Queens, New York town center, in which the Beatles in August 1965 on a US tour forwards over 54.000 fans had its probably largest appearance on US-American soil.

So far they won twice the World Series: 1969 and 1986; besides they stood 1973 and 2000 in the final, were subject there however.

With the hochklassigen new obligations of Pedro Martinez and Carlo Beltran to the 2005er season tries always already the association standing in the shade the over-powerful New York Yankees to terminate driving downhill of the last years.

To the most well-known and most successful players to association history Tom Seaver, Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, aluminium leader and Mike Piazza belong.

Table of contents

members the baseball resound to OF Fame

retired numbers

current players of the Mets

conditions: 28. April 2006

  • of Carlo Beltran
  • Chad Bradford
  • Ramon Castro
  • Endy Chavez
  • Carlo Delgado
  • Victor Diaz
  • Pedro Feliciano
  • Cliff Floyd
  • Julio Franco
  • Tom Glavine
  • Aaron Heilman
  • Jorge Julio
  • Paul Lo Duca
  • Pedro Martinez
  • Kazuo Matsui
  • Xavier Nady
  • Darren of olive
  • Jose Reyes
  • Duaner Sanchez
  • Steve Trachsel
  • Jose Valentin
  • Billy Wagner
  • Chris Woodward
  • David WRIGHT
  • Victor Zambrano

Minor League - team the New York Mets

association records

  • most plays: OD crane pool (1853)
  • most Home of run: Darryl Strawberry (252)
  • most hits: OD crane pool (1418)
  • of most Vienna: Tom Seaver (198)
  • most Strikeouts: Tom Seaver (2541)

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