New York Ranger

New York Ranger
Based 1926
stadium Madison Square guards
location New York, New York
association colors blue, red, know
Conference Eastern Conference
Divison Atlantic division
coach Tom Renney
general manager Glen sow ago
owner Madison Square guards L.P.
Division title
Conference title
Playoffteilnahmen 48
Stanleycupsiege four - 1928, 1933, 1940, 1994

the New York Ranger are national an ice hockey crew in that Hockey League from New York. They became to 15. May 1926 based. Their home stadium is the Madison Square guards with a spectator capacity of 18.200. The association colors are blue, red and white

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successes and honours

sporty ones of successes

in the years 1928, 1933, 1940 and 1994 won the New York Ranger the Stanley Cup, the most in demand Trophäe of the ice hockey world. Six times stood it unsuccessfully in the final.

association records

  • most plays: Harry Howell of 1,160 plays
  • most successive plays: Andy elevation clay/tone 560 (7. October 1955 to 24. March 1963)
  • Most gates: Rod Gilbert of 406 gates
  • most collecting mains: Brian Leetch 741 collecting mains
  • most points: Rod Gilbert 1,021 points (406 gates + 615 collecting mains)
  • most punishing minutes: Ron Greschner 1,226 punishing minutes
  • most Shutouts: OD Giacomin 49 Shutouts

(reference: Jaromir Jagr has still some plays in the current season around its season records to develop)

current cadre 2005/06

goal keeper



Pavel Bure Brian

Leetch Jaromir

Eddie Giacomin 7

Rod Gilbert

to right left wing [work on]. The back number 99 is generally in the NHL closed in honours of Wayne Gretzky.

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