Newark (new jersey)

Newark of the Hudson River out seen

Newark is the largest city of the US Federal State new jersey with 280.451 inhabitants (conditions: 1. July 2004). The city was created 1666. Newark is to new jersey in the northeast of the state at the Atlantic because of the delta of the Passaic - River, therefore she possesses a large container port. It is appropriate for 16 km to the west of New York town center, New York and about 25 km south of Paterson, new jersey. The pointed name of the city is “The Brick town center” ( the brick city).

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the geographical coordinates of the city are western of 40°44'7 " northern latitude and 74°11'6 " length. The city has a surface of 67,2 km ², of it is 61.6 km ² land surface and 5.6 km ² (8.36%) water surface. Newark is County Seat (administrative seat) of Essex County


city center of Newark (Broad Street)

after the statistics of 2000 has the city of 273,546 inhabitants, 91,382 households and 61,956 families. The population density amounts to 4,400 EW/km ². From the population 26.52% white, 53.46% Afroamerikaner , are 0.37% American natives, 1.19% Asians, 0.05% Pacific Insulaner, 14.05% of other origin and 4.63% half-breeds. 29.47% are latin Americans of different descent.

From the 91,382 households 35.2% children have under 18 years. 31.0% of it do not consist of married, living together pairs, 29.3% are alone-educating mothers, 32.2% are families. 26.6% of all households consist of Singles, 8.8% are alone-living humans over 65. The average size of the households amounts to 2,85. The average family has 3.43 persons.

27.9% the inhabitant are under 18, 12.1% between 18 and 24, 32.0% between 25 and 44, 18.7% between 45 and 64, 9.3% over 65. The average age amounts to 31 years. The relationship between women and men amounts to 100:94,2. For the age group over 18 the relationship amounts to 100:91,1.

The average yearly income of a household amounts to $26.913. The average income of a family is with $30.781. Men have an average income of $29.748, Mrs. $25.734. Per head the income of the city amounts to $13.009. 28.4% of the population and 25.5% of the families live below the poverty border. 36.6% under 18 years and 24.1% are from this humans over 65 years.


the haven Authority Trans Hudson operate traffic since 1908 to New York town center. The Newark town center Subway is a former streetcar, which runs partly underground since 1935 and was developed to a metropolitan railway.

Newark Liberty internationally air haven is an international airport - the first airport New York town center of area.

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