Niagara River

Satellitenaufnahme Niagara of the River

the Niagara River is a river in North America. It flows from the Eriesee into the Ontariosee. It forms the border between the province Ontario in Canada and the Federal State New York of the USA.

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river course

the river is about 56 km long and contains the cases of Niagara. The river loses in its process 99 meters height. In the river two large islands, Grand Iceland and Goat Iceland, both lie belonging to the USA. Goat Iceland and the small Luna Iceland divide the cases of Niagara into three parts, which are called Horseshoe , Bridal Veil and American of case. Navy Iceland lies near the north end of Grand Iceland, Strawberry Iceland southeast from Grand Iceland.


the navigation on the large lakes goes around the river and the cases by the waving and channel on the Canadian side, which is a part of the so-called Saint Lawrence Seaway. The Niagara River and its side river Tonawanda Creek form the last section of the Erie channel, which flows over the Niagara River into the Eriesee.

bridges and places at the river

of four transitions over the river form at the same time border crossings between the USA and Canada.

  • The Peace Bridge connects the inter+done Highway I-190 in Buffalo, New York, with the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) in away Erie, Ontario.
  • The Rainbow Bridge connects Niagara of case, New York, with Niagara of case, Ontario.
  • The Whirlpool Rapids Bridge, or Whirlpool Bridge, connects likewise the two cities.
  • The Lewiston Queenston Bridge connects the I-190 in Lewiston, New York, with the Highway 405 in Queenston, Ontario.

Besides there are also three railway transitions.

Important cities at the Niagara River are (from the south):

Der Niagara River am Niagara Glen
the Niagara River at the Niagara Glen


in the past was the Niagara River of great strategic importance as part of the water route of the sinking Lorenz stream over the large seas into the northwest of the today's USA. Since there was long time no useful Landwege, these water routes played a crucial role with war and trade. The cases of Niagara were gone around on the country. First French attachments developed 1679, away Niagara as the first durable post 1726. 1759 were conquered away Niagara by the British, who secured from there out their rule by the Niagara region during the Pontiac rebellion and during the American war of independence. The country on both sides the banks was settled long time only thinly, beside individual European settlers and dealers lived there above all the Indian trunks of the Irokesenbundes. Although the war of independence 1783 was terminated, the British vacated away Niagara only 1796 after the conclusion of the Jay contract. To safety device of the Canadian border away George as well as away Erie developed on the other bank. Blossoming the settlements at the Niagara, which accompanied with a displacement of the Indians, was interrupted by the war of 1812, while that the region was a main theater of the fighting. The USA undertook 1812 and 1814 several futile invasion attempts between to Canada, a set of battles took place in direct proximity of the river, among them the battle of Queenston Heights of 13. October 1812. Into the cities and localities on both sides it partly came during the war to heavy destruction. While the Americans and others Newark (today Niagara on the Lake) down-burned, destroyed British troops of 1813 conquered away Niagara from the American settlements in the proximity. At the end of the war however a rapid reconstruction succeeded. Its meaning for traffic lost the river only by the plant of the Eriekanals.


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