Niccolò Jommelli

Niccolò (Nicolò) Jommelli (Jomelli) (* 10. September 1714 in Aversa with Neapel; † 25. August 1774 ebd.) was an Italian composer.


learned Biografie from 1725 to 1728 at „the Conservatorio S. Onofrio “in Neapel with Ignazio Prota and Francesco Feo. It composed its first and successful opera L'errore amoroso 1737 in Neapel still under an alias, still larger success obtained it with Ricimero rè dei Goti 1740. it pulled 1741 after Bologna, in order to lead the samples to its opera Ezio. Probably it studied Kontrapunktik with Padre Martini and became member „of the Accademia filarmonica “in Bologna. In Venice it led three years (1743-46) „the Ospedale degli incurabili “.

Starting from 1747 it was active in Rome, where it took over two years later the line of the papal chapel. During this time it composed beside religious music further operas. It stays 1749-50 in Vienna, where it participates in the preparations to its Opere series of Achille in Sciro and Didone.

he found an employment in Stuttgart , where he became a yard opera composer of the duke Karl Eugen of Württemberg and its Ludwigsburg created best works for performances in lock , to 1754 like Fetonte (1768). King José I. from Portugal negotiated with Jommelli 1769 a contract, which permitted it to it to travel to Lisbon in order operas to compose there. In the same year it returned however to Italy. Its he spent last work years to compose religious of works and opera music for Lisbon and Neapel. Revised 1771 a paralysis, which did not prevent it to complete its last Opera seria IL trionfo di Clelia few months before its death, struck it.

works (selection)

it created 220 stage works including more than 60 operas.
Demetrio (Parma, 1749), Ciro riconosciuto (Venice, 1749), Attilio Regolo (Rome, 1753), L'Olimpiade (Stuttgart, 1761), Demofoonte (Stuttgart, 1764), and Temistocle (Ludwigsburg, 1765), La critica, (Ludwigsburg 1766), La schiava liberata (Ludwigsburg 1768).

Its work covers numerous serenades and Pasticcios, Oratorien, Kantaten and apart from 20 fairs of hundreds of religious of works as well as chamber music.

Occasionally one calls Jommelli the Italian luck.

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