Nicholas Berg

Nicholas Evan mountain (* 2. April 1978 in west Chester, Pennsylvania; † May 2004) was US - an American businessman, who admits by its beheading filmed by video during the rebellion against the occupation Iraq after the third Gulf War became.Its death represented the beginning of further executions of western hostages in the Iraq. The video calls the murder at Daniel Pearl in Pakistan in the year 2002 in memory.

Nicholas Berg originated from west Chester, Pennsylvania, was 26 years old and Jewish religion. Itinto the Iraq on own initiative had traveled, in order to repair there transmitting plants. In the middle of March 2004 wanted Nicholas Berg into the USA to fly back, however at a road block in Mosul by the Iraqi police was arrested and then to 6. April 2004 after 13 days detentionagain released. At this time a larger rebellion of Iraqi groups took place against the occupation troops and led too for foreigner particularly uncertain conditions.

Few days later mountain was kidnapped. Allegedly the Kidnapper offered an exchange to the USA against prisoners of the Iraqi Abu Ghuraib prison, whichrejected from the USA is. The existence of such an offer was denied however by official US places.

The video of the murder became at the 11. May 2004 in the Internet and in the media spreads. On him five masked men and Nicholas Berg are in an orangeTo see pair of overalls. Among the persons allegedly also Abu Mussab az-Zarqawi is to have been, which is to be close to the terrorist organization El Kaida. At the beginning of the video mountain says: “My name is Nick Berg. My father's name is Michael. My mother's name is Suzanne. I haveA and more sister, David and Sara. I live in… Philadelphia. “The masked men read out thereafter an explanation, in which they indicate the revenge for the torture of Iraqi prisoners as reason for their action by US-American soldiers in the Abu Ghraib prison. Subsequently, they throw to mountainto soil and kill mountain, by separating the head with a measurer. The body of mountain was already to 8. May 2004 in the proximity of Bagdad found.

The act led to a world-wide indignation and also of numerous Islamic groupings as unislamisch was condemned,among other things of Hamas and the Hisbollah.

Immediately after the publication rumors emerged in the Internet, according to which the video was not genuine.

To 18. Pool of broadcasting corporations ( news of the day ) and Second Channel of German Television (today ) reported May 2004 that suspected four had been arrested. After contradictoryMessages this became to 21. May 2004 according to pool of broadcasting corporations by the USA confirms.

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