Nicholas Roerich

Fremdländi guests, 1899

Nicholas Roerich (originally Russian НиколайКонстантиновичРёрих, Nikolai Konstantinowitsch Rerich; * 26. September 9. October 1874, pc. Petersburg; † 13. December 1947 in Kullu, India) was a Russian painter and writer. It initiatedHague convention to the protection of cultural property and together Helena Roerich created the Roerich pact, a forerunner that on initiative of her mental leaders, the master of the wisdom , the theosophische combination Agni Yoga with its wife (alive ethics).

lives and working

before the revolutionRoerich was in the artist circle of pc. Petersburg actively. Except the painting he dedicated himself also to the draft of sceneries and costumes.1901 he married Jelena Iwanowna Schaposchnikowa (in the emigration then the Helena called itself). It became known to a broad public in the year 1913, thereit Igor Fjodorowitsch Strawinskis balletthe Frühlingsweihen “(Le Sacre you Printemps) as dear savingist and Ausstatter codesigned; it is at the same time its dedication carrier.

Due to the Russian revolution he emigrated with his family over Finland first to London and the USA, over thento become established finally in India. It traveled and investigated the culture of the Himalaya - region.

It created the Fresken and the famous Jesus mosaic over the entrance the holy spirit church in the artist colony Talaschkino with Smolensk.

In the picture gallery of Nowosibirsk and in the Nischni NowgoroderArt museum gives it large interesting collections of its works. In Moscow and New York there is a museum its pictures only issues in each case.

Roerichs of pictures circle around three large groups of topics

  1. early Russian history (one of the most well-known pictures: “the slaves on the Dnjepr” [1])
  2. Buddhismus and Esoterik; in particular from Blavatsky Roerich was strongly affects
  3. modern Russia after the Russian revolution.

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