NIC hell Tom

NIC hell Tom (* 23. March 1978 in Hinsdale, Illinois, the USA) is an US-American actress.


you began its career at the age of 8 years in Chicago, where it arose with her twin brother David in announcements and advertising spots. Their family pulled shortly thereafter after Seattle. Also there one could admire it further with David and its older sister Heather in advertising spots. Later their family pulled then to Los Angeles, where NIC hell occupied institutes of courses then at the Strasberg. Shortly thereafter it played then the role of the oldest daughter in the films a dog named Beethoven as well as a family named Beethoven. It synchronized also its role as Ryce in later appear-ends trick film variant of the film. In addition it had guest roles in the series Beverly Hills, 90210 and the prince von Bel air. Likewise it played the Nanny also , in which it embodied the role of the oldest daughter Maggie and achieved thus a still larger admitting heating degree in the series.

NIC hell is very proud on its sister Heather, which along-played in the series The Young and The Restless and on her twin brother David, who participated in the films Stay Tuned and Swing Kids. She loves swims, bicycle drives, rides and Shopping. Their newest role worth mentioning had it 2001, in the film suddenly princess.

Filmographie (selection)

  • 2005 - in MEMORY OF My Father
  • 2001 - Robbie's bread ago
  • 2000 - Rave
  • 2000 - panic
  • 1999 - The Sterling Chase
  • 1997 - Unwed Father
  • 1996 - For My Daughter's Honor
  • 1996 - What child OF MON ago acres You?
  • 1993 - A family named Beethoven (Beethoven's 2nd)
  • 1993 - the Nanny (The Nanny)
  • 1992 - a dog named Beethoven (Beethoven)
  • 1987 - Jim Henson Presents MON ago Goose Stories (series)

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