Not the homosexual one is by verse, but the situation, in which it lives

film data
of German titles: Not the homosexual one is by verse, but the situation in which it lives
original titles: '
Production country: Germany
feature year: 1970
length (PAL - DVD): (Video home system) 67 minutes
of source language: German
age release: FSK
direction: Pink of Praunheim
film script: Pink one of Praunheim,
Martin Dannecker,
Sigurd Wurl
production: Werner Kliess
music: Archives photographs
camera: Robert van Ackeren,
pink one of Praunheim
cut: Jean Claude Piroué
  • Bernd fire helmet: Daniel
  • Berryt planks: Clemens
  • Ernst Kuchling: The realms
  • Dietmar Steven
  • Adamczewski Manfred
  • salt giver cracks
  • u.v.a.

Not the homosexual one is by verse, but the situation in which it lives is a turned film of director pink one of Praunheim, provokanter on behalf the West German broadcast.

In it the life at that time of many gays at the beginning of the 70's in the subculture and the conclusions which can be drawn from it are treated. It addresses itself not to the eliminators, but to the homosexual ones . The thesis of the film: The bad situation, in which they lived, was house-made. Tenor of the film is that gay their immoderate fear to overcome to be supposed and from their hiding places to come be supposed to be begun in order solidary and kämpferisch with one another for a better, more equivalent future.

Thus it became the trip for the emergence of the modern gay movement after Stonewall in the German-speaking countries, was very disputed from all sides and the Fernsehausstrahlung became the scandal.

Table of contents


the young Daniel from the province comes to Berlin and meets there on Clemens. Both experience the large love, pull together and try the civil marriage to copy. After four months they separate however again, there Daniel in the meantime an older, richer man became acquainted with themselves into its mansion it pull.

Amounted to him its older friend a little later at one music evening. For it Daniel was only one object. Daniel begins to work in a homosexual Café, dresses after the newest fashion and adapts fast to the ideals of the subculture. It can be admired and spends its spare time in the bathing beach. At night goes it into homosexual bars and becomes ever more on the constantly changing sexual adventures dependent.

After some time he discovers the attractions of the Cruising in parks and on toilets, where he also deeply felt like older homosexual ones are together-struck. To late hour it lands once in a Transvestitenkneipe in at this time all this meets, which found up to then no partner. Here it meets Paul, who takes it also into its gays group house.

The group discussed with it over the problems of the gay of life and makes clear to it that it leads a very superficial life. To be created its task as emanzipierter gays is different contents it in addition to admit itself and actively than only mode and Sex. One suggests to him organizing themselves politically and thinking together with other gays about human forms of living together.

historical meaning

to 01.09.1969 came into force the liberalisation of the §175. Practiced one male Homosexualität among adults was not punishable any longer. Slowly a public stifling life in Germany began.


„The film was coined/shaped by rage and grind, which in my past gay lives in Berlin had accumulated themselves. I was convinced of the fact that we could not wait always only passively for the Nettigkeit of the society, so that for us something changes for the advantage. ... Our film should provoke, bring gays and Hetis from their peace and in the discussion. We wanted a film, which glorifiziert or pitied the gays in no case. It was important to us to uncover the beschissene situation of the gays relentlessly… “

Praunheim could for this film of the sociologist Martin Dannecker be advised, which had locked a straight investigation over „the usual homosexual ones " together with Reimut realms. The title of the film is a quotation from Danneckers book.

Uraufgeführt became the film to 31. Jänner 1971 in the context of the Berlinale at the forum of the young film. With the performances in the cinemas it came to spontaneous discussions and still in the same year was often based the homosexual action west Berlin (HAW) and the red cell stifling (ROTZSCHWUL) into Frankfurt.

On the television the film became the first time to 31. Jänner 1972 of the client WDR in the 3. Program for late hour radiated. The intended parallel performance with the pool of broadcasting corporations was called off at short notice.

1972 were accomplished in Münster the first gay demo in the history of the Federal Republic.

The pool of broadcasting corporations radiated the film one year later to 15. January 1973 in the 1. Program out, whereupon the Bavarian broadcast separated from the common program, as it practiced it then also years later with the first gay television kiss in the lime tree road.

The film title intentionally modified or wrongly quoted as „not the homosexual one is by verse nowadays sometimes, but the world in which it lives! “, which contradicts the intention of the film depending upon interpretation.

quotations and basic statements

  • the gays from the Spiesser as ill and inferior to be despised there, try to become still more narrow-minded them, around their debt feeling to clear away with an oversize at civil virtues. They are politically passive and behave conservatively as owing to for the fact that they are not dead-struck. Gays are ashamed of their assessment, because one stamped to them in century-long Christian education, which for sows they are. Therefore they flee far away from this cruel reality into the romantic world Kit and the ideals. Their dreams are Ilustriertenträume, dreams of humans, at its side them from the adversities of the everyday life will dismiss into a world, which consists only of love and romance. The homosexual ones are not by verse, but the situation, in which they have to live.
  • We must organize ourselves. We need better taverns, we need good physicians, and we need protection on the job.
    Become proud on your Homosexualität!
    Raus from the toilets! Purely into the roads!
    Liberty for the gays!

Further quotations with Wikiquote, see left below.


  • Vincent Canbys, New York Time: A militantly Marxist call for an end of the gay suppression.
  •, 2001: Completely in styles of the 70's is this film in the meantime a cinematic document of the gay movement and its time. Whereby the cinematic experimentation joyfulness confuses so some Aufführer, there that among other things a 10-minütige mute scene has! Also as document of the scene at the beginning of the sieved decade the film is remarkable. Without taboos it shows at that time ungesehene pictures of gays on flaps or in the park. “Not the homosexual one is by verse, but the situation, in which it lives” is a time document, whose courage and Kraft still impress also today.


further film data

  • title DE wrongly: „„the homosexual one is not by verse, but the world in which it lives! ““
  • Title US: „It Is emergency the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, But the Society in Which He live one “
  • title RU: „Извращенецнегомосексуалист, аобщество “
  • title IT: „Non è l'omosessuale ad essere perverso, mA la situazione into cui vive “
  • production companies: Bavaria studio GmbH, West German broadcast (WDR)
  • first performance: Forum of the young film, Berlinale 1971 (? 31. January 1971?)
  • Erstausstrahlung: WDR III, 31.1.1972
  • rental business: Friends of the Kinemathek
  • only as video home system available (on the web page of Praunheim)

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