Nicky Byrne

Nicky Byrne (* 9. October 1978 in Dublin, Ireland as Nicholas Berne pool of broadcasting corporations James Adam Byrne) is an Irish Popsänger and member of the Boygroup would westrun.


its parents are Yvonne and Nikki Byrne (also singer). It has two brothers and sisters, Gillian and Adam.

Before its time with wanted it would westrun professional soccer players with Leeds United to become, but due to its size of “only” 175cm it decided against it. if it would be not with would westrun, then it says, it policeman would have become supposed.

Nicky is since that 5. August 2003 with Georgina Ahern, which Bertie Ahern marries daughter of the Irish prime minister. Cecilia Ahern, Georginas sister, is a successful authoress of “HP: “Always perhaps” I love you ", and “between skies and love”. They live in Malahaide, a suburb of Dublin, close by on Georginas parents' house.

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